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Air Max

AirMax Clean Mat

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    Air Max
    Model TSTN-0710
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    Republic of Korea
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    each other
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    absorb the dust from shoes
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Introduction : AirMax Clean Mat is the machine which clears the dust and contaminants of bottom of shoes with a new concept of air absorbing that works our so far as to get rid of fine dust.
Air Max Suction Mats can be installed at any entrance in the building. Also, it can be installed in front of the production line or inside of the air shower room which is influenced by dust in the factory and in data center(Access floor type). Air Max Suction Mat is a great alternative to fiber mats and sticky mats and is more economical and efficient compared to these.
Merits of AirMax Clean Mat
1.Simple Manual
-Just walking on the mat prevents contaminated substances on dirt or fine dust from inflowing into indoors
2.Strong Durability
-AIRMAX is made of solid materials(STS) that are durable to external shocks and resistant to corrosions.
It is thereby safe in regardless to kinds of shoes and can be useful even in raining or snowing
3.Easy maintenance & Storage
-It is easy to handle and the dirt and fine dust collected by the dust collector are easily processes through the drawer-type separator
Competitiveness of Air Max Suction Mat
1.Convenience : It has been developed to enable the use of high heels, especially for women, young and old
2.Efficiency : Excellent abillity to collect the dust(over 90% collect rate)
3.Reliability : It is already used by many large companies such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronic, LG Chemical, Sk Hynix, Panasonic, Huawei and so on.
4.Energy efficiency : Electricity is saved because the motor capacity is 280W
5.Effectiveness : It is effective not only to remove fine dust but also to remove sand and water.
Products information
Type of Products.
1.For entrance
2.For gate of entrance
3.For Access floor
4.For Airshow room
Specification of the mat
1.700x600x20mm, 20kg(TSTN-0706)
2.500x1000x20mm, 25kg(TSTN-0510)
3.700x1000x20mm (TSTN-0710)
4.1000x1000x20mm (TSTN-1010)
5.500x2000x20mm (TSTN-0520)
*The size is Customizable
Specification of the dust collector
A type : 300x350x590mm(W/L/H)
B type : 390x240x280mm(W/L/H)
280W, 220V Single phase


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  • Name : Dong Jun Shin
  • Tel : 82-314324380
  • Email : sntek@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 110, Sandan-ro 35beon gil, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si,, Kyeonggi-do,, Korea (15610)
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Testonic Co.,Ltd.

Testonic Co.,Ltd.

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    Oknam Kang
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    110, Sandan-ro 35beon gil, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si,, Kyeonggi-do,, Korea (15610)
Nowadays many people suffer from eye and breathing problems because of fine dust and all sorts of harmful materials. So we developed the Airmax clean mat through the continuous R&D investment and technology development as a part of green industry. The easy-to-insall Airmax can help effectively block fine dust and all sorts of harmful materials coming into the indoor. We have installed many products in major company such as SAMSUNG(SDI, Electronic, Display), Huawei, Sk Hynix, LG(Chemical, Electronic), Panasonic, museum and minisrty of national defense and so on. Also We have international certifications CE, PSE, ISO9001 and patents on the technology we only have. As a result of continuous new product development, We developed AIRMAX Access floor type for It center. We shall continue our efforts to develop better products.
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  • Total Annual Revenue :
    6 million to 10 billion (KRW)
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    5~10 people


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