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Korean traditional wrapping paper (Original/Colored/Patterned)

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    100 ea
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    3,000 ea per One-Time
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    Asia, Americas, Europe
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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    30 x 42 x 1.5cm
  • Material
    Korean paper
  • Color
    Natural color
  • Weight
    1Piece 340g
1. Patterned Hanji wrapping paper
Hanji patterned wrapping papers, beautifully charming patterns from Korean traditional household items, redesigned with modernistic sensitivity, are a reflection of the heart pouring courtesy and blessing into a present. By wrapping the giver's heart into it, joy and emotion beyond that of a simple gift will be conveyed to the receiver. 
Material  :  Hanji   / Pages  :  24  / Size  :  600×420(mm
2. Original Hanji wrapping paper
Hanji original wrapping paper has its own natural patterns which have different shapes and sizes. Adding straws, Safflower leaves or charcoals to raw material makes the paper more strong and durable with beautiful irregular patterns. Unique textures and patterns of Hanji, due to its materials all from the nature, make you feel more eco-friendly, cozier and warmer than any other paper. Original Hanji wrapping paper shows how natural materials and handmade process can be manipulated in creative ways to produce sophisticated designs.
Material  :  Hanji   / Pages  :  24  / Size  :  600×420(mm
3. Colored Hanji wrapping paper
Hanji has various unique hues and textures that convey a delicate beauty that excels over any other paper. It can be any color from light to dark, and it also can be any texture from soft to rough. The Colored Hanji wrapping paper is focused on pastel colors, instead of the most common colors of Hanji.  The traditional and modern senses of it will make your gift more valuable.
Material  :  Hanji   / Pages  :  24  / Size  :  600×420(mm)


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  • Name : JOO SUNG KIM
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • Dongil-ro 174-gil, Nowon-gu,, Seoul,, Korea (01849)
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    Dongil-ro 174-gil, Nowon-gu,, Seoul,, Korea (01849)
< About us _ Hanjiro by YTT > We reinterprets Korean traditions as we incorporates traditional materials with simple, modern design that all generation can enjoy. Hanjiro by YTT aspires to create practical and modern everyday products made of Hanji aiming to empathize all generations with the beauty of Hanji and traditional culture while continuing the legacy to globalize its eternal outstanding value.   2016 Paperworld Frankfurt 2016 /Messe Frankfurt am Main 2016 Korea Craft Trend Fair in COEX / Seoul, Korea 2015 EXPO Milano 2015 2015 Extraordinary in COEX / Seoul, Korea 2014 Paperworld Frankfurt 2014 /Messe Frankfurt am Main 2012 Korea Craft Trend Fair in COEX / Seoul, Korea 2012 16th Jeon-Ju Hanji Paper Culture Festival / Jeonju, Korea 2012 MAISON & OBJET PARIS in Paris Nord Villepinte / Paris, France 2011 Craft Trend Fair 2011 Extraordinary in COEX / Seoul, Korea   www.hanjiro.info (Hanjiro official site in English) www.ytti.co.kr (YTT official site_online shopping mall )     The traditional Hanji has a unique hue and texture that conveys a delicate beauty that excels over any other paper. Used as a wrapper along with the giver’s heart, it surpasses the meaning of a simple gift. The HanJi wrapping paper made of traditional HanJi will highlight the value of your gift several-fold.     There are 3 type wrappers (original, colored, patterned). Each set contains 24 folded papers with 12 different designs (except 'colored type', which contains 20 folded papers with 10 designs). It is designed easy-to-carry and also you can easily detach one paper from a wrapper book. Patterned type has 12 geometric silk prints on it. We reinterpret the korean traditional patterns and makes our own modern geometric designs. Original type has a soft but tough, unique texture of Hanji. Colored type shows you beautiful 10 pastel natural colors.
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    Hanji Note
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