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Probubbly Neutral Eggplant Soap Bar

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Product Name: Probubbly Neutral Eggplant Soap Bar
Weight: 110g x 1 ea
Ingredients: Peanut bud undiluted solution, B6 derivatives, lecithin, honey, Red Ginseng extract, Fermentation Liquor of Green Tea, Fermentation liquor of Eoseongcho, olive oil, Ionized calcium, Yucca extract, Fermentation Liquor of Pine needle, Tocopherol, Orange oil, Phytoncide oil, Lavender oil
Natural Neutral Soap:
Unlike regular animal soaps, Probubbly Neutral Soap is a neutral soap made from vegetable herbs.
It is a more environmental friendly neutral soap with the closest concentration(pH 7~7.99) to the skin concentration(pH 4.5~5.5), which supplies the nutrients to the skin more effectively and maintains skin elasticity.
You can also keep your skin soft and smooth after washing.
The difference between standard soap and natural neutral soap
natural soap vs neutral soap
Natural soaps are different from the used ingredients
1. Uses 100% vegetable oil
2. Produces alkali and glycerin (natural moisturizer)
3. Produces natural surfactant
4. Uses high-quality essential oils
5. Functions as natural preservatives like vitamin E, yucca extract, lavender oil, etc.
6. Uses high-quality ingredients
7. Uses the finest red ginseng extract, non-antibacterial, nonaseptic raw materials, herbal fermented extract.
Premium natural netural soap differentiated from regular soaps with chemical substances by adding various natural ingredients such as herbal fermentation broth, ionized calcium, isoflavones, B6 derivatives, honey, brunt alum, fermentation liquor of pine needle, green tea lactic acid bacteria, phytoncide oil, etc.
1. Peanut Bud   2. Phytoncide Oil   3. Honey  4. Yucca extract   5. Red ginseng extract   6. Lemon, lavender   7. Eoseongcho   8. Orange Oil   9. Fermentation liquor of pine needle   10. Green tea lactic acid bacteria
Differentiated Natural Soap:
Unlike other natural soaps, which contain only 7~8% of natural additives, premium natural soaps contains 20~30% of natural additives.
Non-spreading neutral soap:
Regular neutral soaps usually spread and becomes too soft after continuous use. However, Probubbly Natural Neutral Soap remedized such phenomenons and can be used without any spreading even after continuous use.


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  • 176-2, Songhwa-ro, Wollong-myeon, Paju-si,, Gyeonggi-do,, Korea (10844)
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bns industry co., ltd.

bns industry co., ltd.

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    176-2, Songhwa-ro, Wollong-myeon, Paju-si,, Gyeonggi-do,, Korea (10844)
Thank you very much for visiting the Nonghyup Red Ginseng Products and the Premium Natural Neutral Soap Probubbly products. In the rapidly changing world market, new challenges and innovations are required not only for companies but also individuals and countries. B & S Industries Co., Ltd. is leading the trend of this change and strives to be a leading company in the future technology of environment friendly natural soap. First of all, the B & S industry is a neutral product that is the middle between the oily and the dry. It has no troubles and maintains a clean and good skin. To show a new type of innovative product that combines high- We are concentrating our efforts on technology development, and we are fully committed to securing technology independence for major source technologies. In addition, we will develop technology competitiveness to the level that can lead the global market with eco-friendly core products such as natural neutral soap, natural neutral flavor and natural neutral water soap. ProBubble products that use premium natural ingredients will continue to advance into the global market and promise to realize the ultimate value pursued by "probes of happiness after cleansing skin, cleansing soap" give. The 21st century, which is now in front of us, is a place of infinite opportunities. In the future, B & S Industries Co., Ltd. is a strong company that does not shake with any difficulty due to its craftsmanship that only sticks to pure natural products, and creates dreams and hopes with customers through cooperation with company that is full of creativity and vitality with constant challenge I will try to be a company. B & S S Industry Co., Ltd. is interested in growing up as a specialized company of natural neutral soap leading the 21st century, and please send more love and encouragement in the future. Thank you.
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