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Perfect Energy

Amicell Perfect Energy Collagen Powder100

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    Perfect Energy
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    Republic of Korea
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    Hydrolyzed Collagen
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    all age
Feel your skin becoming resilient immediately after application!
Premium collagen densely filling from deep into skin.
Collagen, making skin tight and resilient from the inside.
What happen if our body lacks collagen?
Collagen, a kind of protein, acts like an adhesive connecting cells or tissues.
If our body lacks collagen, skin resilience is deteriorated and wrinkles are formed
as skin aging is accelerated. When there is insufficiency of collage in the dermal layer,
hair becomes weak and rough and is ultimately damaged.
It gives deep moisturizing effect to skin and makes your skin firm
with excellent anti-aging and wrinkle reducing effect.
It will give you best skin improvement effect by combining with other cosmetics.
As the ultra-low molecular and fermented collagen substance, Amicell Collagen has remarkably higher absorptivity than collagen made using meat.
Excellent moisturizing effect
The high quality collagen moisturizes your skin deeply. It will prevent skin troubles and helps your face to take makeup very well. .
 Amazing skin elasticity improvement effect, wrinkle reducing effect
The high quality collagen make your skin younger and firmer.
Amazing damaged hair improvement effect
It makes your hair damaged by external environment or hair styling healthy, soft and shiny. 
Hair damage prevention effect
When you dyeing or perming your hair, the collagen provides nutrition intensively to your hair, minimizes hair impairment and makes your hair softer.


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  • 480, Gyejok-ro, Dong-gu,, Daejeon, Korea (34543)


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    Bong Han Kim
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    480, Gyejok-ro, Dong-gu,, Daejeon, Korea (34543)
Amicell Co., Ltd, established in 2011, is a globalized cosmetic manufacturer and marketer. With a strong reputation, both domestic and international, for quality, service and reliability, We are a middle sized global Korean company who can provide buyers one-stop solution for OEM / ODM contract manufacturing and marketing. We are one of the note-worthy company having a business background over 30 years and we continue to grow in size and drastically grain popularity in worldwide with our good products. We have differentiated multifunctional cosmetics in good quality. We satisfy customers with the superior quality. We make products with carefully selected ingredients. Our cosmetics are free of synthetic fragrance, artificial colors, mineral oil, chemical preservatives, ethanol, and benzophenone sunscreen etc. Our products are renowned for quality and good prices to the buyers. And as a wholesale company, we are dealing with all kinds of Korean cosmetics and have supplied Korean products with a good reputation, competitive prices for buyers. We, Amicell produces and sells with the hope that giving all women the chance to become more beautiful and become more beloved one in her life. Amicell is the company who seeks for happiness of customers and buyers. We are sure that our products will help you to expand your market and success. We would be pleased to send you any further information you may need and feel free to contact with us.
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    Perfect Energy Collagen Powder100
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  • Real Super Collagen 40ml(Prevention of hair damage / 99% high-purity of collagen)
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