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Air Touch CC Cushion

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    Republic of Korea
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Highly moisturizing cushion: Air Touch CC Cushion
Supply Moisture, Glossy Effect, High adhesion, UV protection / whitening / wrinkle improvement(Three functional cosmetics)
1. Slender fitting three-dimensional moisture shine!
With the instant hydration of the green tea water and rose water, which has excellent skin astringent effect, you can put on a perfect make-up.
2. A real compact that knows what the skin needs!
UV protection + Whitening + Wrinkle Improvement, triple function
3. Smooth like silk, light as air!
It naturally covers the defects of the skin and creates a delicate skin with light adhesion like air.
4. Latex Air Puff
The Latex Air Puff CC cream, which combines a good-looking film on the surface, is not absorbed into the inside of the cell but is moisturized on the skin, minimizing the loss of the cream.
Air Touch CC Cushion can be used for all skin types regardless of skin type.
1.Dry  2.Oily  3.Sensitive  4.Complex
Natural Extract:
1. Glaber Chloranthus Extract  2. Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract  3.Piper Methysticum Extract  4. Portulaca Oleracea Extract
It calms sensitive skin and forms a moisturizing film that moisturizes all day long.
4 Main Point:
1. Flawless radiant shiny skin(Water gloss + Oily Gloss)
2. Perfectly skin-tight(Adhesion)
3.Moisturization of natural ingredients(Green Tea Water, Rose Water)
4. Triple Functional Cosmetic(Whitening+Wrinkle+UV)
Skin irritation test completed!
Evolved type from BB Cream. Main function is skin tone correction
1. All-in-one function with skin care function at the same time
2. Perfectly suited for translucent skin tone, it can be used as a substitute for makeup base.
Functional puff with perfect 3 beats:
Sanitary washing+UV treatment + Chewy Puff
Clean treatment for skin hygiene: If you use the puff continuously, sebum or sweat will be absorbed by the puff and affect your skin's hygiene. Vant puffs have been carefully and cleaned for skin hygiene.
UV treatment to prevent change by light: We treated the puff with UV treatment to protect the puff from long-term storage or change by light.
Chwey puff which reduces the amount of foundation absorption: The small and fine pores on the surface of the puff reduce the amount of foundation absorbed, making it economical and easy to touch. This enhances the adhesion of make-up to produce transparent skin.
How To Use:
1. After basic makeup, apply the contents to the puff during the foundation stage.
2. Tap the contents of the puff over the entire face and apply it.
3. You can keep your skin clean and moisturized for a long time while you carry it with you and use it.


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Contact Payment Manager
  • Name : Hyung-baek Lee
  • Tel : 82-07044151729
  • Email : hblee@vant365.net


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 62, Cheongsu-ro, Suseong-gu,, Daegu,, Korea (42162)
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vant365.net Seller_Mail
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    Jin Chul Kim
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    62, Cheongsu-ro, Suseong-gu,, Daegu,, Korea (42162)
The ideal temperature for skin is available separately. The higher the temperature and the higher the concentration, the higher the osmotic pressure. Therefore, the skin absorption of cosmetics is determined by the optimal concentration of the active ingredient at the optimal temperature of 36.5 ° C. Highly concentrated essence of 60%! Essence Skin Foundation Pact Whitening/ Wrinkle Improvement/ UV Protection, Glossy, Water Drop, Skin Tone Correction More than just pact, an aboslute pact Moisture Essence + Whitening + Wrinkle Impovement + UV Protection! 4 IN 1 Multi Protect Pact 60% highly concentrated essence! Provides enough nutrients to your skin with cooling sensation at the moment when the high concentration of essence ingredient touches your skin. It will make your skin healthy and moist. Water Drop Pact with water droplets A water drop formulation that forms a water droplet when rubbed with a hand or puff, it supplies moisture and covers the skin with a moisturizing film to keep the skin moisturized for a long time. Smooth stretch and adhesion! It gently applies on the skin, and it covers the skin without any defect due to its unique adhesion. Upgraded puff that gives soft application Upgraded puff with xylitol and lavender capsules for cooling effect enhances adhesion of skin with its unique fine texture and water repellent function.
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    Galaxy Double Cover Cushion Beige
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    5~10 people



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