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robotic vacuum - RS500N

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  • Brand
    Every Bot
    Model RS500N
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    368 * 201 * 141 mm


Dual-spin water mopping robot vacuum

Mopping is also science! The last evolution of water mopping vacuum!
Water mopping specialized robot vacuum where it simultaneously drives and cleans with the self-rotation of the mop without drive-wheel.
It shows off ultimate cleaning ability with the 2 rotational mops and structure of cleaning 100% with the weight of the product.
Main function of Dual-spin water mopping robot vacuum
It doesn’t simply drive because the mops are rotating using the motor.
Everybot has researched for number of years and finally developed the technology called RoboSpin, where driving of the robot vacuum with just on the rotation of the mop without wheels and accurate direction control is able.
This technique is a combination of mechanical engineering, kinetics, motor control algorithm, and was completed after years and years of field-testing.
Upgraded model of existing RS500

With just charging once, water mopping for 100 minutes!
Quicker and stronger with turbo mode!
The existing model RS500 was sold more than 100,000 from April 2016 to November 2017.
RS500N is a model that has upgraded its functions by improving the weakness of RS500 received from customers.
RS500 vs RS500N

Unable to select driving speed
The person who wants to vacuum quietly and the person who wants to vacuum quickly
You can’t satisfy both!!
50 minutes of operating time
With just charging once,
it can cover a household of 66.11m2
But it is difficult to cover more than 99.17m2!


Turbo Mode
Quiet vacuuming can be done with general mode
And fast vacuuming can be done with turbo mode.
Able to choose according to situation
100 minutes
Drives for 100 minutes with charging just once.
Able to cover for households with more than 99.17m2.

RS500N Strengths

One touch system
-Everyone can easily and conveniently use with one touch system!
Dynamic Dual Spinning
-Stronger with 5700RPM’s two motors!
Mop with patent registration
-Cleaner with the patent registered mop with 2 types: minutes filament and superfine fibers!
Smart sensor
- Smart and safe with the smart sensor such as collision sensing sensor, falling sensing sensor, luminous intensity sensor!
Safety bumper
- Safe even during collision due to 2-x-layer structure of rubber elastomer!
Automatic water supplying system
- Automatic water supplying system that maintains the best moisture during cleaning!
Dynamic dual spinning

5700RPM strong and clean
Since the two strong motors rotate as they rub,
it cleans off micro dust and stains perfectly.
Wheelless structure that carries the weight

Mopping using 100% of the vacuum’s weight

Wheelless structure that carries the weight
With the wheelless structure, it just drives with the rotation of the mop,
cleaning with the weight 1.9kg.

Automatic water supplying system

From beginning to end
Shiny water mopping
Automatic water supplying system
With automatic water supplying system,
It makes sure that the mop doesn’t dry while cleaning
Which makes sure to maintain
Shiny water mopping.

2-x-layer structure adhesion mop with patent

From micro dust to stains, all clean
2-x-layer structure adhesion mop with patent
The elastic minutes filament removes all the particles and stains stuck in between cracks
And superfine fibers wipe away micro dust and moisture.

Minutes filamentremoves all the particles and stains stuck in between cracks

Superfine fiberswipe away micro dust and moisture
Smart sensor

Smart and safe from corner to corner
Collision sensing sensor, falling sensing sensor, luminous intensity sensor
It cleans your house from corner to corner safely using various built-on smart sensors.
Collision sensing sensor
It drives to a different route once it senses that it will collide onto the wall or furniture while vacuuming
Falling sensing sensor
Prevention of damage and accident by sensing before falling in areas such as entrance and stairs
Lighting sensor, collision sensor, lifting sensor, falling sensor, motor overload sensor, battery overdischarge sensor
Luminous intensity sensor (ESA function)

Finish vacuuming at a place that is easy to find
With the luminous intensity sensor, it senses the brightness of its surroundings
and finishes vacuuming at a bright place where the user can easily find it.
Luminous intensity sensor, brightness sensing, finishes vacuuming after coming out into somewhere bright
7 types of water mopping vacuum mode

Customized for various vacuuming environment
Automatic vacuum
Most basic vacuum mode where it vacuums the whole area effectively
Focused vacuum
Focusing on the area around the vacuum
Y-shape vacuum
Vacuuming thoroughly as if mopping making Y-shape pattern by moving forward and backwards
Wall climbing vacuum
Vacuuming while focusing on corners by repeatedly rotating 180 degrees following the walls
S-shape vacuum
Focusing on the area around the vacuum
Manual vacuum
Vacuuming thoroughly as if mopping making Y-shape pattern by moving forward and backwards
Handy vacuum
The user carries the vacuum and cleans desk, windows, etc. using hands

Turbo mode

Much faster and stronger when you are in a hurry
You can vacuum faster and stronger with the motor rotating 1.3 times faster than the general mode.

Model Name General Mode Turbo Mode
Rotating speed 90times/min 114 times/min
Driving speed 20cm/sec 30cm/sec
Noise OOdB OOdB
Time duration 100 min
One touch system & remote control

Easy and convenient for everyone
With the one touch system where you just need to press the button once, anyone can use it easily.
With the compact sized remote control, you can control long distances and manual vacuuming.
14CM slim design

Cleaning under the bed and sofa
It cleans thoroughly in areas where it was hard to reach such as under the bed and/or sofa.

Body, 4 minutes filament mops, water supplying mop kit, remote control/batteries, charging adaptor, bumper pad, instructions
Product specifications
Product name Rotational water mopping vacuum
Size W368 x D201 x H141 MM
Consumed power 27 WH
Cleaning method Dual spin water mopping cleaning
Driving method Random driving method
Driving sensor Collision sensor, falling sensor, brightness sensor
Charging time ≒ 100min (150 min if battery is completely out)
Remote control IR remote control
Instruction function LED lights, alarm
Model name RS500N
Weight 1.9 KG
Noise OO DB (Source: Korea Testing Certification) ??
Vacuum mode Automatic/ Focus/ Wall climbing/ Manual / S-shape/ Y-shape/ Handy/ Turbo
Driving speed ≒ 20 CM/SEC (Turbo mode: ≒ 30 CM/SEC) ??
Safety sensor Lifting sensor, motor overload sensor, battery overdischarge sensor
Time duration ≒ 100 min (using 2 times per every 50min)
Battery Lithium ion11.1VDC, 2150MA
Manufactured in Rep. of Korea


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  • Name : Donghyeon Lee
  • Tel : 82-07049384579
  • Email : dhlee@everybot.net


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 231 Pangyoyeok-ro Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do (13494)
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    Woo Cheol Jung
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    231 Pangyoyeok-ro Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do (13494)
Everybot, established by the daily use robot specialist engineer in 2015, researches with new perspective for the inconvenience of everyday life. Achieving small innovations that will bring exciting changes to your life. Have expectations on the exciting changes that Everybot will bring to your life. Production item Dual Spin Mop Robot Cleaner Uses and characteristics of production items It is a robot cleaner that cleans the floor such as floor and tile by itself, Customers' needs are expanding due to changes in home environments in Europe and the United States. Differentiation of production items Until now, similar products using dual spin cleaning systems have not been found on the market. Patents on driving and related technologies and additional patents are under way. It is difficult to develop and produce similar products in a short time. Company's Competitiveness No company has similar technologies at home and abroad. EVERYBOT Inc's patents are being applied as entry barriers. IRobot in the US sells similar woolen robot cleaners, but the cleaning method is different. The cleaning power is clearly different. The sales of the domestic wipes cleaner robots are growing fast. Domestic market is expanding overseas.
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    Knowledge Service
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
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