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natural organic handmade soap

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    Republic of Korea
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Your skin food
- Strawberry soap : Vitamin C, maleic acid, and ascorbic acid in strawberry help prevent excess sebum and control oil and moisture of skin to make skin cleaner and purer.
- Mango Soap : As it contains more vitamin C than lemon or orange, it has excellent brightening effect and is effective for improving skin, while beautifully tidies up rough skin.
- Lime Soap : Vitamin C and flavonoid help promote skin’ s health, lighten freckles and spots, and revitalize the skin.
- Grape Soap : As it contains various organic acids and polyphenols, it is effective for spots and freckles, and its excellent effect helps to maintain youthfulness and prevent aging.

Beautify your face with Jellyskin’ s 4 natural soaps with fruit fragrance
Choose from Strawberry, Mango, Lime, and Grape according to your skin’ s condition and feeling. Four natural ingredients with fruit fragrance keep skin moisturized to keep your skin clean and pure.
Low skin irritation - As it uses natural ingredients, it minimizes skin problems such as acne, atopic dermatitis, etc. and protects skin by adding oriental herb such as Houttuynia cordata.
Long-lasting moisturizing powe - As it only uses Jellyskin’ s natural ingredients, it does not make skin dry even after cleansing and keeps skin moisturized for a long time.
Excellent cleansing - The white and rich whipped cream bubbles of Jellyskin keeps the moisture barrier of skin and clearly cleanses the pores.
Various product line - We individually packed the four small soaps with fruit fragrance to let you select the one you like and to make it convenient to store.



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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • Deulan-ro, Suseong-gu,, Daegu,, Korea (42138)
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    Deulan-ro, Suseong-gu,, Daegu,, Korea (42138)
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