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skin renovator

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It is a massage water for massage which activates blood circulation by reducing waste matter between skin cells once a week. It is possible to confirm the visible effect of whitening, elasticity and lifting with one use. A nano-converting ingredient that is absorbed deeply into the skin by a specialized fermentation method to remove waste products.
Just 5 minutes for the dark and saggiing skin.
Reduce my age of skin.
What is the skin renovator?
more clear!! lean-faced!! elastic face line
Existing ones
Manufacturing Methods - Chemicals with plant extracts
Mechanism - Elasticity increase by absorbing the nutrients for skin
Absorption - Diffcult to penetrate skin barrier zone, cannot reach to dermis
efficacy - Tangible effect cannot be acheived by one trial
Sustaining - Sustainability is weak as they cannot reach to the Dermis, absorbed only into the epidermis
Manufacturing Methods - Femented herb extracts / No preservative, No flavour
Mechanism - Through the disintegration and removal of excessively accumulated fat, provides strong astringgency and elasticity, whitening
Absorption - Having strong envery, passing through the skin barrier zone, reaching to the under of Dermis
Efficacy - astringgency, elasticity and whitening are chieved even by one trial
sustainning - Sustaiinabillty is strong as the skin fat waste are disntegrated, Even though stop using IR, ordinary aging will be progressed.
How To Use
1. Cleasing
2. 5 minutes massage
3. cleansing after 15 minutes
4. Beauty mask pack, Essence cream


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LitePhamTech Co., Ltd.

LitePhamTech Co., Ltd.

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