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Daily Themo Shampoo

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100% Plant-derived Surfactants
Daily Dermo  Shampoo
COSMOS-certified Organic
Plant-derived Surfactants 100%
To create a product than can be used after 100 years, we excluded ingredients which irritates skin and environment.
We perfected this product by delicately checking each ingredient and long (painstaking ) consideration.
We put efforts after efforts to make the best product and to present to a loved one.
Double your hairs!
Reduce hair fall with 100% Plant-derived Surfactants.
Natural plant extracts supply abundant nutrient to your scalp and hair to prefect silky hair texture.
Relieve scalp itching
Improved scalp damage
Promote melanin generation
Supply nutrition to scalp/hair
Strengthen hair roots
Do you have itchy scalp?
Does your hair fall out?
Use Daily Dermo Shampoo every day!
It cleans scalp’s dandruff, strengthens hair roots and solidify your scalp to keep hair and scalp healthy.
Real effective Shampoo is here!
The role of the shampoo is to cleanse dirt and residue stuck to the scalp and hair.
{j}In case of product containing chemical ingredients, these chemical ingredients are not washed off but stick to the scalp and hair.
Use Daily Dermo Shampoo every day!
You will witness healthier scalp and silkier hair.
Scalp condition before using shampoo

Scalp with Dandruff
Scalp condition after using shampoo using synthetic surfactant

Synthetic surfactant is not washed off.
Scalp condition after using shampoo using natural surfactant

Dandruff and natural surfactant are washed off perfectly.
Your hair roots are wide open!
Daily Dermo Shampoo closes hair roots.
Synthetic surfactant is not washed off easily, and it opens hair roots leading to hair loss.
Treat your scalp and hair beautifully with 100% plant-derived surfactant.
Changes after using Daily Dermo Shampoo
Rough hair → Radiant hair
Hair loss → Luxuriant hair
Severe static electricity → Soft and silky hair
Cracking and breaking hair → Hair growing straight
Want to know the ingredients?
Natural extracts make scalp and hair healthy!
{The efficacy of Panthenol}
It transforms damaged hair to natural hair.
It calms down messy hair.
It prevents dandruff and relieves itching.
It prevents hair loss and epilation by promoting hair growth and increase.
It relives blood circulation of scalp.
It supplies moisture to the skin and delays aging.
It improves moisture retention, soften the skin and increase skin volume.
It helps production of fatty acids ceramide essential to skin barrier health and improve and strengthen skin elasticity.
{Salicylic acid}
It improves seborrheic scalp and protects the scalp.
It promotes decomposition  of dead skin cells, sebum and other wastes in the pores.
It prevents waste accumulation in the pores and has excellent pore management effects.
It improves skin tone and skin texture.
Plant-derived surfactant 100% ensures healthy scalp protection.
How to Use
1.Take proper amount and make bubbles.
2.Massage scalp and hair gently for 2-3 minutes.
3.Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
Recommend to you!
Recommend Daily Dermo Shampoo for you!
● If you suffer from dandruff and scalp itching.a
● If you have hair loss trouble.
● If you are looking for shampoo for whole family form children to adults.
● If your hair turns gray because of synthetic surfactants.
● If you want silky hair.
● If you care about environment.




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  • Yongbong-ro, Buk-gu,, Gwangju,, Korea (61186)
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    Yongbong-ro, Buk-gu,, Gwangju,, Korea (61186)
Hakyung Naturewell is a company that manufactures and sells hypoallengenic cosmetics that can be used by adults and children with the punity of nature. We aim to find healthy of humanity and errvioment by using only pure natural ingrddient, except for harmful chenical substances. Now we are making the world's leading products of Facial love foam cleanser, body love body wash, Daily. TheMo shampoo. We have achieved steady sales rowths not only in domestic markedts but also in the world's markets such as China, Japan, Europe and America To become a global enterprise, we will pursule beauty as well as quality based on the strong sales profils slong with Eco-friendly growth.
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    Facial love foam cleanser
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