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Air Circuit Breaker

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    L/C(sight) , T/T
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    1 ea
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    Asia, Middle East, Africa
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  • Brand
    Model KD-05
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    W704*L378*H395(mm)(4P 4000A)
  • Function
    High-function digital protection
  • Package Includes
    Type: Fixed/Draw-out/Detachable
Type-1: ACB (Air Circuit Breaker-Fixed type, Draw out type)
[Specifications] ISO 9001, ISO14001, applied for patent.
Compact and light weight
The product is designed to be efficient and suitable for stand-alone switchboards by reducing its size and weight up to 85% to that of existing products.
Less size variation Size variations have been reduced from four types to three types.
630~1250A/1600~2000A/2500A/3200~4000A →630~1600A/2000~2500A/3200~4000A
Safe and convenient.
The control circuit terminal block is attached on the upper side of the product. The mechanism and attached devices have been modularized in order to provide easy maintenance and inspection. The draw-out rail has been significantly improved to allow easy draw-out. The arc space has been minimized. The modular type cover offers a better appearance.
High-function digital protective relay
It is easier to identify the trip status with the trip status LED on the digital protective relay. The OCR tester (sold separately) offers a high-accuracy current detection circuit.
Various attachments
Improved quality through the application of diverse attachments.
Close first, open later type.
When closing and opening main contact, the contact on the N phase contacts before and falls later than R, S, T phases and thus prevent accidents that may occur from the previous position (especially when using single-phase load).
Draw-out type, Closing coil, Trip coil, Counter, OCR, Aux-switch(2a2b), Operating voltage, OCR trip signal
[Product Attributes]
▶Diversification is given to set circuit breaking conditions including electric current in a long time delay, in a short time delay, in an instantaneous trip and in ground fault. This provides a wide variety of choices and satisfaction of detailed needs.
▶The energy for closing in store at springs, which brings about raped and precise operation.
▶Equipment can be used for either AC or DC according to the situation, which has diversified the choice as an option.
▶All parts are standardized with molds to be repaired and maintained easily. And through inspection and standardized production bring about long durability.
▶Reliability is much enhanced by the ability to confirm breaking by different causes.
[Installation method]
Fixed Type : The unit is directly connected to the panel board and is an economical method installation.
Draw out Type : It consists of two parts the main body of the breaker and the panel board x-frame. It is directly connected to the panel board and the main body of the breaker is mounted on the draw out x-frame. The main body of the breaker can be separated from the panel board without change in circuit. Benefits easy checking for its function, easy repairing & charging part and maintenance, easy replacement of breaker itself.
[Operation Method] Manual Storage Method
▶It stores spring the energy needed for closing by moving the storage handle from up to down about 7times.
▶Repetition of storage handle movement continues until the charging indicator displays "CHARGED"
※ Caution : Manual charging should be performed while the breaker is in opening state.
Automatic Storage Method
▶It stores the energy needed for closing by using an electric storage motor, which is activated the closing circuit.
▶When the breaker starts breaking, the motor is automatically activated to store the energy needed for closing.
▶The storage motor is capable of storing energy 50 times. However, to do more than 50 times, it requires cooling for 10 minutes, as a minimum, preventing the motor from overheat.
Closing coil
▶It is a Solenoid-State coil, which is operated by a closing signal coming from outside or by a pressing button attached to the front side.
Opening coil
▶It is a Solenoid-State coil, which trips after receiving signals from OCR or from outside.
Type-2 : ACB (Air Circuit Breaker-Detachable type)
A TMS CHIP(Micro computer) adopted on the ACB Controller automatically displays three-phase voltage, current, frequency, power factor, and active and reactive power. There is no need to open the panel door to control the ACB.
[Economical Efficiency]
▶There is no need to install a separate CT as it is built inside the ACB
▶No wiring works is required as the standard operating line supplied between the ACB main body and controller connects both ends to the connector.
▶A voltmeter, ammeter, power meter, power factor meter, operating switch, and O.C.R relay are installed inside the ACB Controller, making it unnecessary to install additional instruments or wiring.
▶The ACB Panel offers excellent cost-effectiveness for it is easy to build by simply installing the ACB, mounting the controller, and connecting the supplied cable to the connector.
[Product Attributes]
▶The fuse attached on the 3-phase voltage cable of the voltmeter makes the product safe to use.
▶The voltmeter automatically measures the 3-phase voltage cable supplied from the main body of the ACB from 220V~660V.
▶The readout for each phase is displayed immediately by pressing a button.
▶ACB Controller has a built-in O.C.R relay which allows the user to change and control the current settings in a safe and convenient manner.
▶The indicator makes it easy to identify the cause of an ACB blockage cause by O.C.R.
▶Product is equipped with a test terminal that can be used for testing the properties of O.C.R relay.
▶There is an x-alert function that activates when the current being used exceeds 90% of the O.C.R setpoint.
▶There is a built-in lock device which only the administrator can use to restrict operation of the product.
▶Specifications, ACB main body dimensions, bus bar dimensions, and mounting hole dimensions are identical to those of the Standard ACB.
▶The C . T ratio can be installed according to the customer's request. C . T provided by our company are as below. C . T capacity: 200/5A, 300/5A, 400/5A, 500/5A, 630/5A, 800/5A, 1000/5A, 1250/5A, 1600/5A, 2000/5A, 2500/5A, 3200/5A, 4000/5A, 5000/5A
▶* To order a C . T capacity other than those stated, please state the details on the order form (Only applies to detachable type).


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  • Name : David Yeom
  • Tel : 82-07087489639
  • Email : kdelectric@naver.com


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Since founded in 1980, Kyungdong Electric has conducted precision inspection and preventive maintenance of switch gears to become a leading switchboard maintenance company with the purpose of protecting the safety of power equipment supervisors and the property of users from electrical accidents. Today, design, manufacturing and management techniques in the electric field are evolving day-to-day alongside the rapid growth of industrial technology. Respectively, the importance of electrical installations is rising and management methods are improving, becomming more and more refined. Our company strives to provide diverse services for our customers based on our abundant technology and experience in switchboards and high and low voltage circuit breakers. Our services help prevent electrical accidents in manufacturing companies and commercial buildings as well as extend the life of power facilities. We will continue our efforts to enhance and research electrical equipment managing techniques to fulfill the society's need for convenience and safety.
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