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floor paint

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  • Place of Origin: Seoul, South Korea
  • Main Raw Material: Epoxy
  • Usage: Building Coating, floor coating


Epoxy floor finishing material 

[ Specification ]

Substituted epoxy floor finish materials (POC11), the organic materials and inorganic materials are derived for the optimum mixing ratio, the net primary fusion reactions during the process, each material between the complementary curing (reaction) to act as a shared mutual benefits depending organic and inorganic materials, the mechanism for convergence between the merits exercises.



  1. This product, as a substitute of epoxy products, widely used in the existing parking lot and on the factory floor was used to cover the shortcomings of epoxy products.
  2. Most of the flooring installation where the nature of the environment (conditions) to be bound to receive it, our company's products 'compressive strength', 'bending strength' and to excellent, and construction where you can almost not be bound, without adding excess weight have many advantages.
  3. The most important properties of concrete, one of the compressive strength 'of the case, we test the value of the company's products, such as metals and number in the extent, in Korea market, our products such as flooring does not exist
  4. Compressive strength and flexural well be represented tolerance, excellent construction results emerged, and especially the company's product moisture in it is possible to work, the overall floor characteristic of view, the quality of the best is the level of (most of the products from moisture, construction does not)
  5. When on the floor slip-resistant construction, such as concrete and silica coating on the material, and this is by addition.
  6. Duration of the construction of our products, epoxy products' compared to a lot of advantages such as curing time, 50% in comparison with epoxy process not only takes all set now, is expected to reduce labor costs and other effects


[ Material composition ]

1) A series: bisphenol-A in the addition of the following elements - special mineral defoamers, flow agents, special silica and silane
2) B series: special amine system plus the addition of silane
3) A + B series family ---> maximize the crosslinking density



[ Overview of special silane additives]

A group containing silane system on one of the two depends on the Organic Functional Group and the other, a methoxy or etoksiga lies.
Added to Group B, the silane system depends on the side of the amine and the other side lies the ethoxy group.
Silane, basically due to moisture at room temperature, condensation polymerization reactions happen
At this point, one end of the ethoxy groups are hydrolyzed by water, ethanol is falling stage Si-OH.
However, the two Si-OH is unstable, Siloxane to insist that Si-O-Si bonds, which the silane crosslinked gels as change.


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