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Children Toothpaste80g (For 6-12 years old) strawberry

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Children Toothpaste80g (For 6-12 years old) strawberry
No added MIT CMIT Prescribed as a safe raw material without harm to human body!
Are you worried that your child will swallow toothpaste?
It is baby toothpaste for babies who just swallow toothpaste and can not spit toothpaste themselves.
Considering the safety of the child, we prescribe no fluoride.
Natural ingredients have been added to help the child develop his oral growth.
Sweet strawberry fragrance and fewer bubble prescriptions allow kids to enjoy their brushing.
No fluorine Baby toothpaste capacity 60g Natural origin strawberry flovor Natural origin orange flovor Kids toothpaste capacity 80g European safety standards Fluorine content 500ppm or less Prescription Mamiae's Kids Toothpaste for Kids It is prescribed with the less fluoride contents and can be used safely by children.
It contains xylitol to prevent tooth decay and provide a refreshing cooling sensation after brushing.
Strawberry flavor is added for kids.
With the addition of natural plant-derived extract, children can use it more safely. Add plant-derived ingredients from nature Ingredients such as eucalyptus extract, aloe vera extract, chamomile extract and calendula extract are added.
No added harmful ingredients 11FREE
"CMIT / MIT / Paraben / Tar Pigment / Artificial flavor / Saccharin / Emulsifier / Animal raw material / Mineral oil / Tricolor acid / SLS Synthetic surfactant No additives"
Hygienic and safe antimicrobial cap It is more hygienic and safe by adding antibiotics which suppress bacteria or mold antimicrobial action that easyily reproduce in the toothpaste.
MAMIAE voluntarily releases all ingredients (Baby toothpaste) MAMIAE voluntarily releases all ingredients (kids toothpaste) Efficacy effect Keep your teeth whiter and firm Keeps mouth clean and refreshing Remove plaque Remove bad breath Increase aesthetic effect Usage Capacity Place an appropriate amount of toothpaste on your baby to brush teeth.
How to Save Storage in airtight container at room temperature.
Keep the lid closed at room temperature. Store in a cool, dry place.
Air may come out while using this product, but there is no abnormality in weight.
Precautions when using
1 Do not use it any other purpose except for brushing.
2 If any abnormality appears during use, discontinue use.
  In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water.
3 When brushing teeth, use a small amount of toothpaste as small as pea size, and instruct your caregivers not to eat           toothpaste as much as possible.
4 If eat it too much and have an abnormality, consult to your doctor. date of use 3 years Expiration date and serial number Separate marked Manufacturer Sung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Joint technology development and salesperson MAMIAE CO., LTD This product can be compensated according to the Fair Trade Commission Notice of Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards. Quasi-drug


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    Gyeoksan-ro 423-79, Gyeonggi-do, Korea (10846)
Agijagi Co.,Ltd. is the leading provider of infant products of infant products with advanced technology. Agijagi Co.,Ltd. only produced on infantsis under the slogan "Keepers has kept the baby's health." We accumulated a lot of know-how in the research and development of production and those are dedicated to the dustribution. I look their best customers close by to the difficulties Mamiae until you are satisfied. Please stay tuned as we continue to sincerely generous guidance and encouragement you have any this group.
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