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SAFI Liquid Laundry Detergent (Rose)

  • Payment
    L/C(sight) , T/T
  • MOQ
    10 Carton
  • Supply Details

    M.O.Q : Negotiable

  • Country of sale
    Asia, Americas, Europe
    • FOB

      Depend on quantity


  • Brand
    Model SAFI Liquid Laundry Detergent (Lose)
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
SAFI Liquid Laundry Detergent (Rose)
Feminine Fragrant Rose Scent     
Eco-friendly LOHAS certified Safi
Clean from stains, fine dusts to heavy metals!
Safi, an eco-friendly safe detergent!
Eco-friendly Detergent Derived from Nature
Safi Detergent that considers the environment and customers' happiness value as top priority.
With plenty of good ingredients, we received a certificate of 'environment-friendly household goods' from the Ministry of Environment        
On 2016.11, we were selected as this year's Green Management Grand Prix 'Grand Prize'.        
Used a safe food preservative used as a food additive rather than a preservative system using hazardous chemicals!            
BITREX Prescribed        
It is the most toxic-free harmless ingredient in the Guinness Book for the bitterest taste. It is prescribed even safer for children and elders, because they would spit it right away even if they accidentally drink it.        
Specific Product Dex-scription                                                                                                        
Used glycosides, glycerin, and natural oils to enhance flavor persistence and fiber flexibility.                                                                                                    
By containing food additive baking soda, it has excellent softening effect and removes damp smells of laundry.                                                                    
Patented technology 'heavy metal eliminator' removes even up to all invisible heavy metals~!                                                                    
Outstanding laundry power that eliminates stains and fine dust with even a small amount


This supplier supports payments for offline orders
  • Telegraphic Transfer : T/T
  • Letter of Credit : L/C(sight)
Contact Payment Manager
  • Name : Jin Hee Lim
  • Tel : 82-0319180361
  • Email : jhpark@chemsfield.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 1455, Jungang-ro, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do Korea (01455)
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Chemsfield Korea Co., Ltd.

Chemsfield Korea Co., Ltd.

www.chemsfield.com Seller_Mail
  • The person in charge

    Soo-Keun Park
  • Telephone

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  • Address

    1455, Jungang-ro, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do Korea (01455)
We have successfully carried out its role as the leading research institute in Korea in the field of Connect & Development, which is a global R & D strategy, which has attracted the attention of the world. Chemsfield Korea has been reborn as the best life chemical manufacturing company in Korea based on its technical accomplishments, long experience and accumulated know - how. The international standard equipment and smart process operation system which is proud to be the highest level because it does not have any difference in the place where it puts out, and the powder formulations including shampoo, rinse, body cleanser etc. as well as essential household goods such as laundry detergent, fabric softener, kitchen detergent And liquid formulation and set-assembly business areas. Honest people, in honest places, in an honest way, in order to produce honest products, we are going to continue with the principle of guiding principles and principles that keep humility, the result of this honest journey that goes on forever. Thank you.
  • Business Type :
  • Main Product :
    SAFI Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    More than 10 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    51~100 people

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