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Brown Lab

Dr.Dreamderm Spot Patch

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    500,000 Set
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  • Brand
    Brown Lab
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    102 patches (10mm - 72EA, 12mm ‒ 30EA)
  • Features
    Waterproofing the wound, Hydrocolloid
  • Style
    Hydrocolloid Type
Transparent spot patch with excellent adhesion,making it less noticeable
Dr.Dreamderm Spot Patch 102patches
Wound protection and care for prevention of infection
Protection and care
Hydrocolloid Type 
Absorption of exudate to prevent skin infection [Quasi-drug]
Thin/Waterproof/Outstanding adhesion/Excellent coverage
-102 patches in one box 
  The box contains a total of 102 patches (10mm - 72EA, 12mm ‒ 30EA) that you can use on small and large acne without 
  worrying about them running out qui-ckly. Slits have been made on the patch film to remove them one by one easily.
-Waterproofing the wound 
  The patches are waterproof and they do not come off easily even when they come into contact with water. The patches pro-tect the wounds from water and external contaminants such as dust and bacteria. 
  The hydrocolloid material absorbs the exudate from the wound and effectively facilitates healing. Exudate will cause the wound to swell and turn white, and the swelling will diminish in the process of recovery.
  Thin patches with excellent adhesive power 
  The thin, transparent patches adhere very well to the skin and provides a na-tural-looking coverage. It can be used before you apply makeup. 
How to use
1. Clean the area of the wound and dry it completely. Remove a patch from the film along the slit line.
2. Place the patch at the center of the wound (Press for 5 seconds).
3. Exudate will cause the wound to swell and turn white, and the swelling will diminish in the process of recovery. Once the wound has healed, remove the patch by lifting it from the edges
   (Replace the patch with a new one if necessary).
   Soothing the Skin That Has been Irritated by Exudate
Tip) On using the 3-step Spot Patches
1. If you have a skin disease or are allergic to adhesives,consult a doctor prior to use. 
2. If you experience skin problems such as itchiness du-ring use, discontinue use. 
3. For infected wounds, use the patches after consulting with a doctor. 


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 4 JANGMUN-RO 6-GIL (04393)


www.brownlab.co.kr Seller_Mail
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    Shin woong Koh
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    4 JANGMUN-RO 6-GIL, Seoul-si, Korea (04393)
We're TRANSURFING. Trans surfing is a manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics and toiletries. It is a company that spans product life cycle from product planning and design to distribution, and sells products through H & B stores, duty free shops, and editorial stores in Korea. We always make cosmetics that give customers faith. Do not forget your heart, I will make cosmetics that you can use safely and faithfully. We will become TRANSURFING that can give trust to customers. Thank you very muck.
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    pad, mask pack,cleansing,suncream
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  • Total Employees :
    5~10 people

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