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Fantasia Blue Cut Glasses 49 Protecting UV rays Computer Smartphone Eye-wear

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Fantasia Blue Cut 49

Deal with your eye fatigue with Fantasia blue cut 49!
The percentage of protecting blue light is about 49%, and the percentage of protecting UV rays is 99.99%! The glasses helps to protect eyesight of modern people from the blue light which generated from a computer, smartphone, and tablet.
Moreover, users can wear in the open air as the glasses can block UV rays.

Product Specification
Size : 156 x 45 mm (6.14 x 1.77 inch)
Weight : 15g
Material : ABS

Core features of Fantasia blue cut 49
Reduce a degree of eyes' fatigue during the use of a computer, smartphone, and tablet.
It provides clear eyesight as the glasses blocks 49% of blue light.
The glasses has the function of oviposition-deterring through the coating to block UV rays, thereby it provides much clearer eyesight.
Certified the percentage of protecting blue light is about 49%, as well as the percentage of protecting UV rays is 99.99% from national organization.
Improve and supply all processes of the product in order to provide the best quality of sunglasses.

Strongly recommended for these types of people!
- People who frequently use a computer
- People who use a smartphone and tablet
- People who had a corrective operation of LASIK or LASEK 
- People who suffering from dry eye syndrome
- People who use contact lenses
- People who have a lot of external activities 

Have you notice before?
- There is a certain expiary date for the functional glasses that blocks either UV rays or blue light!
- Generally, people tend to think the functional glasses would work almost semi-permanently. However, such functional glasses would lose its functions of blocking UV rays and blue light approximately 2 years later from the manufacture date.
- Therefore, users must check the expiary date before purchasing the functional glasses.


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 14, Seongsui-ro 10-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea (04784)
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    14, Seongsui-ro 10-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea (04784)
GLINC Ltd is one of the leading glasses manufacturer that specializes in R&D and supplies functional protective glasses based on 3D glasses production affiliated with INFINITY J&L. GLINC facilitates more applicable and stable production due to integrated technologies which can be applied to functional glasses. GLINC offers a wide rage of functional glasses in product selection. With the experience over 50 years based on various applicable design of glasses, glasses film production and coating technology, GLINC boasts the world class competitiveness to develop innovative glasses. GLINC strive to provide a good price with good quality product and supply life wear to improve eye sight and protection for all valuable customers.
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