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Mini Blue Cut 49 Protecting UV rays Kids Children

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Fantasia Mini Blue Cut 49

The great choice to protect our childrens' eyesight from UV rays

Not only just protect our childrens' eyesight from UV rays, but as well it would be a fashionable item for our cool children.

Product Specification
Size : 145 x 48 mm (5.70 x 1.88 inch)
Weight : 16g
Material : ABS
Blocking UV rays that must be harmful to our childrens' eyesight
Using smart phone, tablet PC, and TV in our daily life appears to increase the risk of our children's eye problems. The more exposure they've had to harmful blue light (also called high-energy visible, or HEV, light) during the day and night time, the more at risk children may be for sight-threatening conditions. Children tend to spend more time outdoors than most adults but they are still exposed to the risk of harmful blue light by watching TV or computers. The blue light caused from the device we use daily and the sun's harmful UV can still give our children who are vulnerable to the sun severe risk.

Fantasia Mini Blue Cut 49 can block 99.99% or UV rays, as well as 49% of blue light. Users can wear in the open air as the glasses can block UV rays, also the glasses would be highly effective to protect your eyes from blue lighte in the indoors.
The percentage of protecting blue light is about 49%, and the percentage of protecting UV rays is 99.99%
Fantasia Mini Blue Cut 49 is a protective glasses which is designed for children-loving glasses and helps protect childern's eyes due to the quality sight protection lens. It also provides the preferred color and design for children.

Fantasia Mini Blue Cut 49, which made of environment-friendly component called as ABS element, ensure a degree of safeness.
We consider the safety of product as the highest priority to provide the best safeness and quality of product to our children, thus we used environment-friendly component called as ABS element.
The sunglasses is designed as a circle shape in order not to scratch a face of children.

What is the ABS element which is one of environment-friendly components?
ABS element is a plastic type of material that does not contain a toxic substance, thus it would be safe even if children suck or bite the element. In addition, the material is recyclable to use again as it is an environment-friendly component. Furthermore, Fantasia Blue Cut 49 has a high degree of elasticity due to the use of ABS element, thereby the sunglasses would not be broken or bent.

The technical skill of special design for our children
Fantasia Blue Cut 49 is designed by the professional designer who has 50 years of experience, thereby the sunglasses can be a fashionable item for our children.

Be safe with the broader range of viewing angle
Fantasia Blue Cut 49 has a broader angle of view in order to protect UV rays much widely.
Additionally, children would not be annoyed from such a narrow glasses x-frame as glasses are designed to be wide to ensure childrens' eyesight.


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