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gel nail first kit

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KONAD Gel Nail First Kit from KOREA

1. Gel nail first kit that is easy to use anytime, anywhere
2. A Kit unit with the essential items such as the-most-loved Color Gels and LED mini gel lamp.
3. A perfect Gel Nail gift set

-All the Items in the Kit-
1. Mini LED Gel Lamp(Includes USB Adaptor)
-This mini LED lamp is small-sized, portable and it minimizes the potential glare problems to the eyes as it uses 'Dimming' function, \
  which makes the light get brighter gradually.
-It can be used in two ways of either UV or LED.
  (40 seconds Time Switch setting)

2. Base Gel Polish (7ml)
-This base gel polish minimizes the gel lifting as it has the great adhesive strength to the nails.
-This hypo-allergenic, mild, soft base gel makes the nails smooth and well-padded.

3. Top Gel Polish (7ml)
-This top gel polish creates thick and firm diamond-like gloss.
-Use this at the last procedure of doing the gel nail so it leaves the surface of the applied-gel nail
  on the fingernails smooth and maintains the gloss of the nail polish for a long time.

4. Color Gel Polish 2pcs (7ml)
CG006 Peach Pink, CG010 Classic Blue
-Color gels that have the wonderful fixation of color on nails.
-No need to pretreatments such as etching and bonder.
-Saves up the time and easy to apply to the nails.
-A hypo-allergenic, mild and soft gel that uses cosmetic ingredients, not the industrial material.

5. Soak Off Gel Remover (30ml)
-This is a gel remover that easily cleanses off the gel polish as its function is reinforced with vitamin E derivatives,
  it gives the moisturizing on the nails and the skin around the nails.

6. Gel Cleanser (30ml)
-After the gel procedure, this gel cleanser cleanses off the leftovers of sticky gel ingredients.
-It is reinforced with the function of nail protection and the treatment. It contains vitamin E derivatives, olive oil, macadamia oil.

-How to Use mini LED lamp-
1. After trimming the nail surface with two-way shining buffer from KONAD, clean and remove the stuff on the nails.
2. Apply Base Gel and curing the nail for 40 seconds. Proceed one by one.
3. Apply Color Gel and do the curing one more. Proceed one by one.
    *If you want to get more color fixation, repeat this process twice.
4. After finishing the curing for all the nails, apply Top Gel and repeat the curing for 40 seconds. Proceed one by one.
   *If you have applied the Top Gel thicker, repeat the curing twice.
5. Use the Gel Cleanser to remove the stickiness.
6. When you use Stamping Nail Art Tool from KONAD, you can decorate your nails with a lot more variety of style.
1. Make sure to use the exclusive lamp with the provided adaptor.
2.  Avoid the direct eye with the LED lamp light.
3. Make sure to put your nails in the right place in the LED lamp to have the curing done well.
-How to remove the Color Gel (Soak Off)-
1. Put the cotton soaked with Soak Off remover on the gel that is to be removed.
2. Cut some foil in a proper size and wrap the gel on the nail.
3. Proceed 2 on each gel on the nails and wait for about 10-15 minutes.
4. After 10-15 minutes, remove the foil and the Gel nail is to be removed.
5. The leftover of the Gel nail can be easily removed if you push that with a wooden stick.
6. Gel nail is now removed.

All the items that you purchase will be kindly packaged with several layers of bubble wraps.
1. You must remove the oiliness and the moisture on the nails. Unless you do it, there possibly could be a color
    contraction phenomenon, durability might decrease.
2. Make sure to grind the surface of the nails with two-way shining buffer from KONAD to remove the oiliness and
    then cleanse off with the cleanser before applying the base gel.
3. If you want to have better color fixation on the nails, apply the Color Gel lightly one time and do the curing and repeat this twice.
4. There's a possibility of feeling the heat while curing. More chance to feel the heat if your nails are thin. In that case,
    apply the Gel lightly and repeat the process often so that you can make the time shorter while curing.
5. Make sure to close the Gel Nails after using.

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