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Lancing Device LANZO 2.0

Lancing Device LANZO 2.0 - Pain Management Lancing Device

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  • Brand
    Lancing Device LANZO 2.0
    Model GMMC-01
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    101.7 x 20.8 mm


About the product
  • SOPHISTICATED DESIGN & REDUCED NOISE- High gloss material with a grip grid and low-noise device technology with new button.
  • ADJUSTABLE TIP & EASY TRACEABILITY - 7 depth penetration settings for best results.
  • LOADING INDICATOR & SAFETY LOCKING SYSTEM - Loading window indicates loading & unloading. When red, device is loaded. The device cannot be loaded unless the female nut - adjustable tip and the device body - is properly closed.
  • CAP STOPPER & LINER TRACKING SYSTEM - A stopper is added on the female nut to improve consistency in puncture depth and reducing pain. Ensuring that the needle goes straight when fired, hence reducing the pain.
  • ONE-STOP EJECTION SYSTEM - Used lancet is easily removed by pushing forward the ejector. It can be done with just one hand. Lancet holder with special incision to avoid rotation of lancet during twist-off.

    Product dex-scription

    Lancing Device LANZO 2.0
    Pain Management Lancing Device


    • Gift box - 2.5 x 2.5 x 12 (cm) / 0.98 x 0.98 x 4.72 (in)
    • Product - 101.7 x 20.8 (mm) / 4.0 x 0.81 (in)
    • Material: Plastic
    • Voltage: None
    • Function: Taking blood samples
    • LANZO 2.0 lancing device is a pain management lancing device for collecting capillary blood sample for glucose monitoring or other tests which require one or two drops of blood. As a more advanced lancing device, LANZO 2.0 provides ultimate safety and comfort for obtaining blood sample.
    How to use LANZO 2.0
    • Unscrew the add tip of the lancing device by turning it counterclockwise with holding the device firmly.
    • Insert a new sterile lancet to its end into the lancet holder.
    • Twist off the protective cap of the lancet.
    • Screw the add top of the lancing device by turning it clockwise.
    • Set the desired penetration depth from 1 to 7 by turning the add tip. 1-3 for soft or thin skin, 4 for average skin, 5-7 for thick or calloused skin.
    • Hold the device firmly with one hand then load the lancing device by pulling out the outer tip with the other hand. The window turns to red with loading.
    • Place the lancing device on the site of the finger tip. Hold the lancing device against the finger tip without too much pressure. (The harder it is pressed, the deeper the puncture.) Press the release button and take off the lancing device to take blood sample.
    • Unscrew the add tip of the lancing device by turning it counterclockwise.
    • Push the lancet ejector forward with the thumb until lancet is removed. Dispose of the used lancet into a proper biohazard container.


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  • Name : Jiwon Kim
  • Tel : 82-07087892722
  • Email : moon@gmmcgroup.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 130, Digital-ro 27-gil, Guro-gu,, Seoul,, Korea (08589)
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    130, Digital-ro 27-gil, Guro-gu,, Seoul,, Korea (08589)
GMMC has been dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of diabetes products such as single use lancets and lancing devices for capillary blood sample. Head office and factories are located in Korea and regional offices are located in China, Russian, Spain, and Mexico to support and provide customer service in each region. We are manufacturing and selling high quality heating products. We will do our best to realize our potentials for growth and competitiveness. Thank you for the support you have given our company. Based on accumulated technology and experience, STYLETOCTOC. will continue to develop new businesses to realize the vision of our company, and we promise to listen to the needs of our customers. Thank you for the support you have given our company.
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    Lancing Device LANZO 2.0
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    11~50 people

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