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Baby Dream

Wellbeing Clean Feeding Baby Bottle 260ml Baby

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    Baby Dream
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    Republic of Korea
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Wellbeing Clean Feeding 
Baby Bottle 260ml

It is made of eco-friendly material and proven the quality that does not contain any of EDCs and BFA.

#1. 0 month ~
#2. 3 months ~
#3. 7 months ~
#4. 10 months ~
#5. 3 months ~ 24 months

Product Information
Color : Green
Material Body : Polyesther sulfone
Cup, Cap : Polypropylene
Nipple : Silicone
Wellbeing Clean
- It's much lighter than glass baby bottle and it is durable, reducing the risk of injury because it does not break easily.
- The heat resistance is up to 208°C and it is 2 or 3 times durable than common polymer baby bottles.

Cost Efficiency
Wellbeing Clean Feeding Bottle provides progresiive nipples that baby can use in accordance with each stages.

Baby Dream uses only the safest LSR silicone nipple proven the safety by US FDA.
It is not made of harmful substance causing the risks associated with BPA. The color of PES is the original material color and it is reliable material.

Of baby bottles that baby grabs and feed with As babies develop, they naturally start becoming independent and are able to reach their bottle and feed on their own. Of baby bottles, the better material we choose the heavier weight we may concern. The baby bottle of BABY DREAM is much lighter than glass bottle and 2 or 3 times durable than any other baby bottles. Of course, it would reduce the risk of hurting your baby. 

The risk of colic (feeding with unnecessary air flow)
One of the problems when they start bottle feeding is colic and it is what appears to be abdominal pain in early infancy because of swallowing the air while they do bottle feeding. Wellbeing Clean Feeding Bottle of BABY DREAM is a smart baby bottle that helps prevent air-flow while baby feed mild or formula.

US FDA, ISO 9001, ISO14001 Certificates
EDCs and BFA disturb metabolism and hormone in the body and decline the function of brain. BABY DREAM's baby bottle has passed all tests and proven the quality that does not contain any of EDCs and BFA.



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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 26 Nangok-ro 15-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul (08858)
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Baby Dream
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    Joo Seong Park
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    26 Nangok-ro 15-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul (08858)
Baby Dream Co., Ltd. focuses on social community father than its profit just the way as we treat our own babies, and will expand its boundary to the world market with competitive power through consistent R&D activities and achievement of new technology for the best quality and multi-functional products.
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