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O2Care Air Purifier Dust Mites Bacteria HEPA Filter UV sterilizing lamp

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    Size (W x H) : 130 x 323 mm
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O2 Care Air Purifier

The air you breathe

Feel the freshness and cleanness in your place
Start your day with clean air

Most of people spend their own time 80~90% in indoor on a daily basis.
Imperceptible bacteria
Careless indoor atmosphere
Full of pollutants and dusts in the area

Keep your family away from dust, mites and bacteria
And experience the fresh air all day long

Product Specification
Size (W x H) : 130 x 323 mm
(5.11 x 12.71 inch) 
Weight : 670g
Material : ABS401
Product Contents : Air Purifier, Adapter, Manual
Output : 220v
Power Consumption : 12W
Better and even smarter
One Touch Button

Easy to control with only one button

Softer than ever
Mood Lamp

O2 care air purifier provides mild lighting atmosphere with UV lamp at the bottom of surface.

Upgrade the air quality
Do your job for cleaning air with O2 Care Air Purifier
The system provides 4 different level of purifying the air and keeps the air fresh and clean
HEPA filter
HEPA filter delivers perfect removal for dust, mites and bacteria. HEPA filter is a quality filter which was developed in order to remove radioactive dusts in US and it is one of the most expensive filter that brings a great result removing dusts. Penetrating into HAPA filter, 0.3㎛ micro molecules are to remove up to 99.7%.

O2 care's HEPA filter is a durable filter that keeps its own function to purify the air through water cleaning or air cleaning.
The filter cleaning period may vary slightly due to different use or places and a recommended cleaning period is 20 days. Replacement of new filter is recommended every 2 years.

Noise reduction Air Injecting Fan
O2 Care System provides noise reduction with effective air circulation, which delivers perfect silence in operation while your are in bed.
(No fan sound occur while it operates. Air resistant sound may occur in silence.)

Operating with noise reduction, O2 care air purifier runs 30 minutes and stops for 60 minutes in sequential intervals.
If you wish to operate O2 care air purifier manually, simply press the button.

Advanced Technology of O2 Care
Applied M-T2000 Plasma ion technology, O2 Care Air Purifier delivers perfect sertilizing effect, anti-atopic improvement, asthma soothing effect, fatique relief, and increasing immunity level.
It makes 2,001,200 anions per 1cc.

M-T2000 Plasma ion is a ion generator which was developed with MEDISON's patent technology and delivers a perfect air sterilizing effect for 24 hours. The O2 Care system maintains consistent clean atmosphere all day long and creates phytoncide effect like deep forest to purify all dusts and pollutants.

We need to have 400-1,000 anions per 1cc air for healthy life.
The anions not only makes sulfation effect for anti-aging, also it makes to rise blood ph, relieves stress and improve immunity.

UV sterilizing lamp
UV sterilizing lamp has same effect with the sun.
The air is sterilized perfectly by HEPA filter and M-T2000 plasma ion, and it is the last step to purify the air in removing all dusts and bacteria.

UV sterilizing lamp enable to use for 20,000 hours.
Replace a new filter every 2 years, if you keep using continuously.

Q. How can I clean up the filter?
A. You can clean up washing or air washing after take off the back cover.

Q. Why changed the color aroud of lamp?
A. It can be changed, cause feature of UV lamp.

Q. Sterilizer has a bit fishy smell. What is it?
A. Usually, it is released a little ozone from anions. You can be smelled a bit fishy smell, when the ozone neutralize cations.


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 257-9, Jinbeol-ro, Jinjeop-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do,Korea (12021)
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    257-9, Jinbeol-ro, Jinjeop-eup, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do,Korea (12021)
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