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Mildew Gel

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    Republic of Korea
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Miracle MildewGel
All you need to do is make a dent up niche waxing!
Completely removed! Miracle Mildew jello cool!
The same products Two design random shipments
My home Mildew alert bar Ordinance
Mold occurs over wet areas
Moist bathroom or kitchen with black smoke silicon and kitchen excellent effect on removing mildew
Gel-type of ease and simplicity(Gel-based products)
All you need to do is waxing like a miracle a niche  far
In addition to the tiles, silicone mold and flooring, bathroom curtain you can use the temporary effects on the available wallpapers
Ease-of-use, all you have to do is wash with water after use with OK!
Domestic raw materials are manufactured domestically by earning excellent quality
Products by the gold Pearl to be able to identify the consumer usage and production
Harmful ingredients test completed(Korea testing Research Institute)
Antifungal tests in progress(Korea construction environmental testing  Research Institute)
Mildew can be eradicated uprooted superior effects experience
Can be used immediately without installation
Mildew, mold and Director, until traces of the mold is removed once and for all!
99.9% of the Silicon mold removal
Characteristics of the goods
Silicone mold in between the tiles and the miracle fungus if I side with Bala Manchurian gel clean.
Gel-type vertical or sloping are also used where possible utilization is high.
How to use
First, remove the moist where it will be used.
Miracle opens the lid of the bottle of gel mold, press 3mm the thickness of the mold occurs in one place.
The neglect of three-to five-hour wash with water after.
Do not use other than the intended use
Use enough ventilation and wearing rubber gloves.
After you open and close the lid after use to avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures must be kept.
Keep out of reach children
Touch the clothing can be  bleaching washed out .
If you follow the directions your doctor immediately if you have eaten spew.
Skin or eyes flush immediately with clean water after you follow the instructions the doctor washed out.
Discolored or contaminated with metallic part has no effect.
freezing or exposure to sunlight, heat and the date when you can be a wishy-washy.
Quality managerment and industrial safety management in a coordance with the marking requirements
Name : Miracle mildew Gel
Ingredients : Alkaline
Producer : Korean miracle people
Capacity : 120g
IIngredient : Sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, non-ionicsurfactants, distillation point


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  • Name : Min-Ae Lee
  • Tel : 82-07041337336
  • Email : viatc01@gmail.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 106-2 Gimpo-daero 1544beon-gil, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do (10072)
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    Jai-Woo Kang
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    106-2 Gimpo-daero 1544beon-gil, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do (10072)
It is a company operated with the goal of launching Korea to uncover products that have not been introduced in Korea yet. I began to see that the fungus flying like a dust was harmful to our body including a young child. It is a magical product that will quickly get rid of mold and make it into a new home when you apply it in a humid place such as a bathroom where mold is likely to bloom. Beyond Asia, we are making a good impression on Southeast Asia, and we are showing the superiority of Korean Wave products.
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    Trading Company
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    5~10 people


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