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Natural Exfoliating Shampoo

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Natural Exfoliating Shampoo
Provide nutrients and moisture to the hair, Kelp Moisture Treatment
When you are good at moisturizing, Your skin will get better.
Provides nutrients and moisture to sensitive scalp and hair,
and helps prevent static electricity.
100% natural ingredients
No SLS / No SLES / No Silicone oil / No fragrance / No Paraben / No-artificial dyes
Gloss and nutrition in the hair
SkinPark Hair Treatment is a good nutrient for hair, including kelp extract.
In addition, it contains extracts such as mulberry leaf, green tea which are good for scalp health and hair,
and oil seed oil, baobab and argan oil to give shine and nourishment to hair.
Fresh peppermint flavor
Fresh peppermint fragrance can care for fresh, clean and healthy scalp and hair.
Healthy scalp
The ingredients that help the scalp are full, and the ingredients that damage the scalp are removed.
Our herbal shampoos contain extracts of Japanese leaf, green tea, etc. to manage scalp health.
Tea tree seed oil, baobab, argan oil have a moisturizing power to fill the hair.
Volume 200ml
Expiration date Jan 20, 2017/ Until Jan 19, 2019
Strength of kelp 11%
The 11% kelp ingredient removes keratin from the scalp to prevent scalp trouble, and the rich amino acids in the kelp penetrate into the hair, restoring damaged hair.
We wanted to put more kelp extract, but because of texure limitaion, we contaion a maximum of 11% of kelp.
High concentration, nutrition moisturizing
Nourishing and moisturizing concentrated in thick and heavy textures
You will feel that it is not a slippery silicone but a healthy and good ingredient.
Only the finest organic ingredients are carefully selected
Can not use any kinds of cosmetic on your skin?
It is made of only using selected and refined materials.
Kelp extract Kelp contains plenty of vitamin C and vitamin E that are good nutrients for the hair.
Removes keratin from the epidermis and provides a feeling of moisturization.
It also eliminates excessive sebum, so it is good for preventing scalp trouble.
Argan oil Excellent ability to suck up the water vapor in the air, so it keeps your hair moist.
Huttuynia cordata / Perilla ocymoides / Green tea extract Eliminates itching and alleviates irritation to maintain clear skin.
Provides nutrients to the hair to make elastic hair.
Baobab oil It has Vitamin C that is 6 times higher than oranges and 2 times more calcium than milk.
Provides shine and moisture to dry hair and damaged hair.
Oil seed oil It is soft, moisturizing and gives hair shine, which is a favorite ingredient of hair oil in oriental region.
Use the Kelp moisture treatment like this
SOUL has been thoroughly checked from planning to manufacturing.
Let us know how to use.
How to use SOUL's treatment
Silicone is the ingredient that softens the hair. Natural treatments that do not have it, so it is not smooth as soon as it is applied.
But when you rinse and dry your hair, it's magically soft.
Those who are accustomed to chemical shampoos and chemical treatments are dissatisfied that they are not smooth and return to the chemical products.
"But do not forget that it's a shampoo for your health.
Try it for a week."
You can feel the moisturizing feeling that is soft.
1 Please clean your scalp thoroughly with SkinPark herbal shampoo.
2 The kelp moisturizing treatment can also be used as a general rinse or hair pack.
If you use it like a rinse
After removing some moisture from the hair, massage it at the end of the hair and rinse it.
If you use it like a hair pack
After shampooing, remove some moisture with towel, massage the treatment to the scalp and hair, wear the shower cap on it, then use a steam or electric cap on it, and rinse after 10 to 15 minutes.
Hair cap is also available while showering
If you take a shower or half-bath after applying the above method, the effect of the hair pack will be doubled by the steaming of the bathroom.
3 It does not soften when you touch the hair while rinsing.
Because there is no silicone component.
Healthy ingredients penetrate into the scalp and hair.
It is also a healthy scalp management method in the long term.
4 Even dog treats OK
This new shampoo moisturizer can treat the dogs.
Dog skin is much more sensitive than humans, so you should not use chemical dog shampoo.
It penetrates into the skin, causing skin diseases and causing itching, so it is not good for your health in the long term.
5 Finishing with vinegar!
After finishing the treatment, Drop a drop of vinegar in cold water, soaked hair and repeated it several times.
You can finish it once more with cold water.
Do not worry, the vinegar scent flies away naturally as it dries.
Vinegar acts like a rinse and forms a protective film on the hair to make it shiny.
Using one teaspoon of fruit vinegar at the end of the rinse will help remove the remaining alkaline soap or shampoo completely.
It is said that it is best to use shampoo with slightly acidity (pH) 5.5 ~ 6.5 for scalp.
If you use SkinPark shampoo and treatments, you do not need to use vinegar.
The benefits of kelp moisturizing treatments are very soft compared to the chemical treatments that were really hard to rinse off constantly.
But the kelp treatment was really good because it was rinsed quickly and I did not feel slippery.
I was anxious at first, but as I continued to use it,
I felt satisfied because I felt the hair was strong and moist.
When I dry hair, I have a wiggly hair, but I feel like I have to keep using it because it feels solid.
Reasons to use natural shampoos and treatments
SOUL will tell you exactly how the chemical components affect your body.
SkinPark ingredients do not contain surfactants and silicon, so they care the sensitive scalp and damaged hair without irritation.
Hair Treatment / The hair pack is made of a slight acidity of pH 5.4 and excludes the 5 chemical components (sulfate, mineral oil, wax, sodium chloride, paraben) that are bad for scalp and hair.
Maintain moisture without damaging the scalp and make a healthy scalp.
The reason that silicone enters the shampoo is that it keeps the hair soft.
However, if you do not rinse thoroughly after using the shampoo containing chemical ingredients, silicone will remain on the scalp, so it will not maintain waste materials into the pores and will play a big role in causing keratinization.
A common chemical shampoo is a lot of bubbles that make you feel clean, but a surfactant can make your scalp stimulant and your hair dry more.
The chemical shampoo and rinse that you use every day makes curly hair and causes the curl to get worse.
If shampoo or rinse is used that does not wash well enough, or the residue is blocking the pore, the original round pore may be deformed or the pore may become smaller, and the newly developed hair section may become curly hair.
These chemical shampoos can cause to break down the balance of the coltex, so it can be said that it is rather unfavorable to curly hair.
It is preferable to use a natural amino acid shampoo rather than a shampoo using a surfactant of petrochemical system.
Chemicals that have accumulated over a long period of time will not disappear, but if you use this product steadily, you can improve the cause of curly hair as well as hair loss.
Difference between chemical shampoo, treatment and natural shampoo and treatment
SOUL will tell you the difference between chemistry and nature!
General shampoos and treatments tend to focus more on the softness and shine of the hair, while natural shampoos and treatments focus on the addition of ingredients that contribute to the health of the scalp.
The thicker the skin, the healthier the hair becomes, the thinner the skin, ther weaker the hair becomes.
However, chemical shampoos that are distributed on the market can damage these cuticles(skin).
Synthetic shampoo ingredients include nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, parabens, and other ingredients that damage the scalp and cuticle.
So when you wrap your hair with synthetic shampoo, the cuticle will fall off.
The hair is four times stronger than a similar piano line, and that's why it's because of the cuticle.
However, when this cuticle is peeled off, the hair is weak, so it breaks and loses its shine.
The falling off of the cuticle is caused by the use of a surfactant and the detergency of the surfactant is strong enough to destroy each layer of the scalp and the cuticle.
So the hair thinner and sensitive people allergic to the skin or inflammation and sometimes causes atopy.
Also, because of its strong penetration, the toxic components reach the hair cells from the pores to destroy the hair-forming system.
Moreover, it has strong adsorption power so it does not disappear even if it is washed with water.
It can seem like the hair is getting better with a rinse or conditioner product, but it makes the hair shine by covering the film with the cuticle already peeled off.
However, this phenomenon is like waxed paint, so it simply covers the upper end of the hair.
If you use this rinse to the scalp, you will cover it with oil film, but it will block the pores of your skin and your skin will not breathe.
Because natural shampoos and treatments are not made of these synthetic materials, they make the hair strong and solve real problems.
Scalp and hair are also sensitive and important parts of the body.
Daily shampoos should be as important as skin care products.
Healthy hair and skin are one.
No matter how good the skin is, dull hair will take away the light of the skin and make it look like a lazy person.
You should not just use shampoo and treatments for rich, shiny hair, but you should also take a habit of eating healthy food.


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