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Rose Rubus coreanus Whiteing Cream

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Cosmetics that make shiny skin, Rose Rubus Coreanus
Volume 30ml
When you are good at moisturizing, Your skin will get better.
The combination of rose and Rose Rubus Coreanus lights complexion of the skin
and it's an an oasis cosmetics with full of moisture to skin.
Containing Rose Rubus Coreanus 10 & Rose 3.16%
No SLS / No SLES / No Silicone oil / No fragrance / No Paraben / No-artificial dyes
Moisturizing skin
SkinPark Rose Rubus Coreanus whitening mist moisturizes by using organic mask cloth.
Brighten your face with whitening ingredients
Whitening agent niacinamide, keeps clean skin.
Moist and transparent skin
Rose Rubus Coreanus extract makes your skin moist and transparent.
Keep moist
Avocado Oil and Shea butter keep your skin moist.

It will become an oasis on skin
It is a high-moisturizing nutrition cream,
but you would like it because it does not get sticky on your skin.
It becomes an oasis on your skin.

An attracted rich scent
Despite its No fragrance, it attracts the rich fragrance that comes from the rose and Rose Rubus Coreanus.
Safely use it withour worrying of artificial fragrances.

Only the finest organic ingredients are carefully selected
Can not use any kinds of cosmetic on your skin?
It is made of only using selected and refined materials.
Organic Damask Rose Water
Using rose water, which has been upgraded from the existing rosewater, gives skin moisture and vitality.
Extracts that help bright skin
It helps to clear and clean the skin through the combined extracts of Rhododendron brachycarpum, Hoyao, and Pine Mushroom.
Helps maintain a clean skin by reducing the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to keratinocytes.
Shea Butter
African jewel that has been used as a universal oil, moisturizes skin.
Rose Rubus Coreanus extract
Provides moist, transparent and elastic skin.

Check out texture and feel it!
Rose Rose Rubus Coreanus whitening cream
Ivory is a soft textur that moisturizes and softens skin.

Use the Rose Rubus Coreanus line like this
SOUL has been thoroughly checked from planning to manufacturing.
Let us know how to use.

-How to use the Rose Rubus Coreanus line of SOUL
"We were a bit late because we thoroughly tested it and got the whitening certification.
Be sure to check for whitening certification.
As long as you wait, this product is really good.
This combination of Rose and Rose Rubus Coreanus helps to brighten complexion.
Also, those who have dry skin will soon be so moist skin.
Despite its No fragrance, it attracts the rich fragrance that comes from the rose and Rose Rubus Coreanus.
You'll be thinking, 'It's so fragrant!"

  Spray the skin with a Rose Rubus Coreanus mist on a clean face.
  (Wait to be absorbed and repeat 2-3 times)
  If you use cotton, moisten the cotton with water, squeeze them thoroughly and wipe them with enough mist.
  (The reason I moisturize the cotton is to reduce the toner usage)
  Apply an appropriate amount of cream to your face.
  Another option is to rub it on the palm of your hand and apply it to your face and neck.
  When you apply lotion or cream, do not apply only your face, but your neck.
  This helps us to be beautiful.
  After absorbing Rose Rubus Coreanus cream, lastly spray rose Rose Rubus Coreanus mist lightly and absorb it,
  and whitening moisturizing care is completed.
  Precautions Spray at a distance of 20 to 30 cm.
  After you receive this product, pumped the air 2 ~ 3 times to check the spraying power and use it.

"It is a high-moisturizing nutritional cream, but you will feel like filling your skin without stickiness.
This product has been tested for nearly a year and never fails.
You can use it as a skin toner or as a mist.
Because it is a whitening certified product, it will help to lighten the complexion of skin just by spraying it."


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  • 17, APEC-ro, BUSANsi, Korea (48060)
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Healthy habit for skin Natural cosmetic skin park. It is a company that honestly approaches customers without harmful ingredients for their skin. There is a perception that natural cosmetics are expensive to recognize, but it is a company that is confident of being able to change this belief by faith. Our SkinPark is a natural product that is harmful to hair loss and hair damage and has the advantage of being cleaner than other products. We will make honest products that you can trust and use. thank you very much.
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    cleansing oil, shampoo, form
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