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Subacidity Water Beauty Shower Filter Vitamin C

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    100 Set
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    Model s_ns_b_water_4
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    Republic of Korea
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Nels Subacidity Water Filter

It does not need to replace the filter.

Residual chlorine removal, clean subacidity water generation

Model : N-300 Subacidity Beauty Shower
Size : Length - 240 mm (9.44 inch), Diameter - 50 mm (1.96 inch), Width - 50 mm (1.96 inch)
Installation Method : Shower-coupled water supply system
Product Contents : Subacidity pretreatment filter, user manual
Applicable Area : it can be simply installed in house bathtub water tap or any other places.
Product Features
The subacidity water filter system is a state-of-art water filter that generates clean subacidity water and improves the skin health.
"Water is not a medicine but can cure most of diseases up to 80%." originated from WHO.

- It helps improve the skin's resilience and glowing radiant skin texture. (ideal for atopy, dry skin)
- It helps remove athlete's foot.
- It removes water stain in the bathtub or sink and also sterilizes harmful bacteria.
- It creates clean atmosphere of your bathroom.
- It freshenes your hair look and improve smooth hair.
- It effectively prevents hair loss and dandruff.

The subacidity water filter system generates clean subacidity water, mineral water and effectively strengthenes the skin as same as expensive skincare cosmetic products, which helps remove impurities in the skin.
The subacidity water filter system generates clean water without residual chlorine.

- It is easy for anyone to install with ease.
- It does not need to replace the contents in the water filter system.
- You do not need to make a hole on the wall to install the water filter system.
- It can be installed in lower water pressure.
- It delivers effective switching cold/hot water flow.
- Experience it and you will see the difference.

Benefits of Nels Subacidity Water Filter
- It effectively removes residual chlorine (trihalomethane) which can cause cancer and skin aging effect.
- Ideal for curing skin diseases and removing demodex folliculorum in the skin. 
Types of skin problem (acne, athlete's foot, atopic dermatitis, hair loss, dandruff and etc)


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 28-9, Aenggogae-ro 621beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, korea (21687)
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    Daechan Cho
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    28-9, Aenggogae-ro 621beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, korea (21687)
NELS Ltd is a professional company that walks only one way to research and develop functional water equipments. Researching and developing not just water generator but functional water equipment, NELS has a firm goal that supplies quality functional water equipment. All products that NELS produces bring the maximum benefits to water solution and functionality and meets requirements to satisfy all valuable customers.
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    Water filter, equipment
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    11~50 people

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