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Infrared Skin Thermometer Boom Care

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    Republic of Korea
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Are you still using the uncomfortable ear thermometer?
Manage your child's temperature simply and accurately!
Be a smart mom using BoomCare
Does your child cry every time you check their temperature?
Your children don't like the foreign material in their ears.
Does your thermometer give a different temperature every time?
Are you debating whether to measure the right or left ear?
You need an accurate thermometer to measure your child's sensitive temperature
Do you record your child's temperature every time you measure it?
Newborn's can get brain damage even through a slight change in temperature so you need to always check and manage it
No more discomfort for my child!
Easy, fast and accurate 1 second thermometer 'BoomCare'
Accurate measurement in 1 second
Formally approved from the National Food and Drug Safety Institution
Patented technological accurate thermometer
You don't need to record it anymore
Smart thermometer that automatically records!
Real-time recording through bluetooth
22-41 body temperature measurement mode
measures temperature due to infrared rays emitted from skin
0-99 lifestyle measurement mode
can measure bath water/baby bottle/baby food
Premium thermometer that accurately checks temperature

The product follows the international guidelines
test for electrical, technological safety
test for electromagnetic safety
product suitability
functional test
Temperature measurement
Body temperature measurement 22-41
The temporal artery that flows next to the forehead is connected to the hypothalamus which supplies the blood so the temperature can be measured stably and accurately
BoomCare measures the heat emitted from the temporal artery 5 times and finds the highest temperature
BoomCare technology is patented and recognized
How to use
1Most accurate results when measured from the temporal artery next to the forehead
2Measured in 2 seconds by scanning infrared rays
3Click 2 times to change mode to lifestyle
4Download 'BoomCare' through appstore or playstore
5Connect thermometer through bluetooth and it will provide you with a statistical result of temperature status
If you measure the temperature too far away, it may not be accurate.
Measure it as close as possible(recommended within 3cm or by contact)
Most accurate results produced by measuring the temporal artery next to the forehead but if not possible, measure the backside of your ear
Please check the mode in which you measure your temperature as checking your body temperature through lifestyle mode will not produce accurate results


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  • Name : SUNG HWAN NOH
  • Tel : 82-516431300
  • Email : thkc1300@hanmail.net


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 2, Busandaehak-ro 63beon-gil, Geumjeong-gu, Busan Metropolitan City, Korea (46241)
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    Jong ho Shin
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    2, Busandaehak-ro 63beon-gil, Geumjeong-gu, Busan Metropolitan City, Korea (46241)
CORPORATE IEDENTITY A human-centered company that thinks people first. THKC Inc. is a senior friendly health care expert to develop technology for human beings. ""THINK OF THANKS"" We are doing our best to develop human centered products accordingly to client's needs. The world is rapidly aging due to population aging and extension of lifespan, As active period extends and income increases, there is higher needs for more abundant life. THKC Inc. is a senior friendly health care expert to improve senior life and provide healthier lives of the users, We will become a global leading company in the senior friendly health care industry via human centered technology development.
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    Incontinence panties
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    1~2 billion (KRW)
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    11~50 people



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