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Beauty Water Alkali and Micro Hydrogen water generator

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Beauty Water

Generating 300 ~ 800ppb highly functional hydrogen water, Generating alkali water

You can directly see the highly functional hydrogen water running from the tap.

Model : N-300 Only One
Size : Height - 330 mm (12.99 inch), Length - 380 mm (14.96 inch), Width - 120 mm (4.72 inch)
Material : ABS, PP
Product Contents : 4 x Highly functional water filter, connecting hose
FilterContents : Complex Functional Filter, Activated carbon granule filter, Nano Membrane filter, Highly concentrated hydrogen water filter
Amount and Usage : Direct Water Supplying System (no water tank), water tap
Product Features
"Water is not a medicine but can cure most of diseases up to 80%." originated from WHO.
Natural hydrogen generator (ultra micro hydrogen generator 300~800PPb)

- Generating micro hydrogen water
- Generating alkali water
- Helps prevent the skin and body from various diseases
- Helps use less soap or detergent. Effectively removes stain or contaminants. Removes odor from hand towel.
- Declines the growth of bacteria. Keeps fruits and vegetables fresh. Remove odor from fish.
- Increase appetising food.
- You can directly see the hydrogen water generation.
- Creates clean atmosphere in the kitchen due to emtting negative ions.
- Gives cost efficiency due to powerless operation and filter replacement.

It is very important for you to use purified water due to occupying 90% of water we use in the kitchen.
Therefore, even if you drink such good water without a proper water filtering system, it would be a pack of nonsense to drink good water. It is the key point that we use massive purifying filter in order to solve such a matter using a good water in our kitchen.

NELS Functional Water Filter System is a speicialized product that not only generates alternative natural hydrogen water but also supplies clean water in the kitchen.

Of human 
Water consitutes approximately 63% of human body composition and DNA of human body combines with hydrogen(H2) whereas it plays a important role of detoxifying harmful elements.



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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 28-9, Aenggogae-ro 621beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, korea (21687)
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    28-9, Aenggogae-ro 621beon-gil, Namdong-gu, Incheon, korea (21687)
NELS Ltd is a professional company that walks only one way to research and develop functional water equipments. Researching and developing not just water generator but functional water equipment, NELS has a firm goal that supplies quality functional water equipment. All products that NELS produces bring the maximum benefits to water solution and functionality and meets requirements to satisfy all valuable customers.
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    Water filter, equipment
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