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Multi White Cream goat's milk gold capsule

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    3,000 ea
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    World Wide, Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East
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      Depend on quantity


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  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Function
    whitening(brightening) cream
  • Features
    goat's milk covered with 24k gold capsule
Brightening effect for more radiant and shiny skin, like using a reflector board, while gold capsules burst Pop! Pop!
Creating a brighter skin complexion, right after application  
+ Using rice extract instead of coloring agents + Enhancing the moisture barrier
Whitening (brightening) cream to shine the skin instantly, like using a reflector board.
Particles encapsulated with gold brighten the skin more naturally and in a refined way.
Capsule full of abundant nutrients, such as mother’s milk.
Maximized stability by encapsulation
To maintain the abundant nutrients of goat’s milk, the goat’s milk is capsulated. When it is used, the capsule is burst instantly and mixed with cream.
The healthy nutrients of goat’s milk are delivered into the skin refreshingly.
This skin care product is good for even people who are over their 40s. 
Because it contains proteins, essential vitamins, and minerals, it is also good for the skin of people over their 40s who desire elastic skin.

Inner White Care
Capsule containing fresh goat’s milk extract and Adenosine (functional whitening ingredient) penetrate deeply into the skin, fill the skin with moisture and help brighten the inside of skin 

Outer White Care
Rice bran extract covers the skin complexion fully and expresses a brightly shining skin.
Type with elastic application feeling help the skin moisturized without dried feeling.
When gold capsule covering goat’s milk is burst and applied onto the skin together with cream, the shininess of gold makes the skin complexion more brightened and radiant. 
[Recommended for]
- People who lack confidence in their natural skin.  
- People who want a naturally brightened skin. 
- People who feel unsatisfied even after applying make-up due to their dark skin complexion. 
- People who are concerned about their dark skin complexion.
- People who feel uncomfortable with using make-up with a white base due to their dark skin complexion.
- People who want a moisturized and radiant skin complexion.
- To mix the goat's milk capsule well, apply the cream while rolling the capsule out gently.
- If you apply this lightly onto the neck besides the face before the application of foundation, the outline of foundation application is expressed more naturally. 
- It is recommended to use it anywhere on the skin including the arms, legs, neck and other areas besides the face.
- Complete, from skincare to base make-up, only with this item!


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  • 13, Yangsan-ro 9-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea (07270)
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Beauty Lab Co., Ltd.

Beauty Lab Co., Ltd.

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    Soonchae Kwon
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    13, Yangsan-ro 9-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea (07270)
Beauty Lab has developed and distributed various skin care and makeup products includion our own brand REJUVERA. The best value of Beauty Lab is the Realization of Happiness from Rejuvenated skin. Beauty Lab solves the secret of young skin everyone dreams of. REJUVERA, the brand which makes young and healthy skin through nature and science. REJUVERA provides a miraculous alchemy for skin renewal and rejuvenation. Miraculous skin alchemy, REJUVERA, to make the best cosmetics rejuvenating the skin.
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