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Fermentation Enzyme Powder Wash

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    Republic of Korea
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    foaming cleanser
Papain enzyme powder
Deep moisturizing cleansing without making the skin feel tight
Remove the waste material and make-up residue in pores completely!
Micro bubbles in fermented papaya enzyme cleanse the waste material in the pores deeply.
No coloring agent + No talc + No paraben + No fragrance + No alcohol
Clean cleansing deeply into the pores / Dead skin cell softening / Removing the blackheads / Pore care /
Slightly acidic cleanser without irritation (pH 6.0) / Contains cornstarch, which congeals the waste materials
The powder cleanser is helpful for the intensive care.
The enzyme powder reacts at 35-40℃, which is similar to body temperature.
When blended with lukewarm water, the enzymes are activated and they become fine and abundant bubbles.
Depending on the quantity of water and powder used, it can be used as a scrub, a nose pack and blackhead control.
The optimized cleanser for the sebum and dead skin cells is just enzyme powder.
Papain enzymes in enzyme powder dissolves the sebum and cares for the sebum and dead skin cells.
As it takes at least 45 seconds for the activation of papaya enzyme, you should massage for more than 1 minute.
[Product Characteristics]
- Cornstarch and papaya enzyme remove the dead skin cells softly, exfoliates the skin without irritation and cares for the skin.
- It is effective even for the sensitive skin, creates the skin moisturizing barrier after washing the face, and nourishes the moisturized and brightened skin without making the skin feel tight.
- The powder wash with micro-sized particles makes fine and abundant bubbles and eliminates waste materials by melting on the skin softly.


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Beauty Lab Co., Ltd.

Beauty Lab Co., Ltd.

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    Soonchae Kwon
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    13, Yangsan-ro 9-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea (07270)
Beauty Lab has developed and distributed various skin care and makeup products includion our own brand REJUVERA. The best value of Beauty Lab is the Realization of Happiness from Rejuvenated skin. Beauty Lab solves the secret of young skin everyone dreams of. REJUVERA, the brand which makes young and healthy skin through nature and science. REJUVERA provides a miraculous alchemy for skin renewal and rejuvenation. Miraculous skin alchemy, REJUVERA, to make the best cosmetics rejuvenating the skin.
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