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S33S Antioxidant Bio-Egg Cell

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    3,000 ea
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    World Wide, Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East
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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    5ml x 10ea
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  • Features
    Using patented anti-oxidant component
Reborn skin with nutrients to be filled into deeply in the skin!
Stay at the age of 33 with a mature beauty.

By filling up highly-condensed stem cell culture media and peptide from the inside of the skin fully,
you can feel the change in the skin only with one time use. Now, experience it.
Hold back your time with stem cell culture media technology.
The stem cell culture media extracted from eggs, which are the origin of life, fills the skin deeply with a collagen.
The antioxidant substance is an extract from the rooted plant, Lactuca Indica (patented ingredient).
It nourishes the skin beautifully over the long term.
Leaving skin looking and feeling firmer and more resilient!
Chicken egg stem cell’s  surprising secret

Patented anti-oxidant component
It contains an Ixeris sonchifolia Hance extract (patented anti-oxidant ingredient).
As new concept antioxidant compound, it is helpful for discharging oxygen free radicals from the skin and restores vitality into rough skin.
As it contains lots of saponin, lutein and beta-carotene, it prevents the accumulation of harmful materials on the skin.
It contains abundant nutrients such as calcium, potassium and vitamins. 
The stem cell culture media extracted from the eggs
Chicken egg stem cell, the world's first stem cell culture media extracted from eggs
- Using the stem cell culture media extracted from the eggs, the perfect food having a variety of essential amino acids. 
- By creating the collagen autonomously, it gives more volume to the skin and improves the skin elasticity.
- Stem cell culture media extracted from yolk cells, helps the skin with protein structure nourished firmer.
Seaweed extract
Seaweed extract to contain the abundant minerals
- It contains sea mustard and sea tangle with abundant minerals.
- Sea mustard and sea tangle which grow in the sea and have abundant minerals, make the skin soft and help to soothe the flushing skin. 
- Sea cucumber, also called sea ginseng, nourishes the healthy skin.
- This leads to an upgraded ultra-high function elasticity ampule.
Centella Asiatica water instead of purified water.
Centella Asiatica water, the main ingredient of Made**ssol, is used as base.


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  • 13, Yangsan-ro 9-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea (07270)
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Beauty Lab Co., Ltd.

Beauty Lab Co., Ltd.

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    Soonchae Kwon
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    13, Yangsan-ro 9-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea (07270)
Beauty Lab has developed and distributed various skin care and makeup products includion our own brand REJUVERA. The best value of Beauty Lab is the Realization of Happiness from Rejuvenated skin. Beauty Lab solves the secret of young skin everyone dreams of. REJUVERA, the brand which makes young and healthy skin through nature and science. REJUVERA provides a miraculous alchemy for skin renewal and rejuvenation. Miraculous skin alchemy, REJUVERA, to make the best cosmetics rejuvenating the skin.
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    S33S Por Por O2 Bubble Pack
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