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R-tox biological micro needle therapy cream

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    3,000 ea
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    World Wide, Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East
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    Republic of Korea
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  • Function
    Caring for Dead skin cells and Pore without irritation
  • Features
    Skin scaling using botanical micro needle!
● Faster and Stronger Botanical needle therapy for baby face! Delivering oxygen and nutrients to the skin
- Triple-enhanced Capsules
● Natural essential capsules besides Sher butter and Macadamia seed oil are contained abundantly and the effect is enhanced a lot!
- Micro-Spear™

● Triple-enhanced Micro-Spear™ stimulates inner and outer side of the skin
- Protein complex

● 5 yellow calming complex
- Strengthening skin through the nutrients and stimulation

● With the quick absorption, the oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the skin
● Skin scaling using botanical micro needle!
● Tiny particles are Raphides (length: 100-250㎛, Width: 5-10㎛) which are even needle-shaped crystals, stimulating the epidermis without external wounds. This needle shape induces only minute stimulation (inflammation), and as a result, it does not cause injury and reduces the skin turn-over circle.  
● By promoting blood circulation, cell division is induced. Therefore, the minute peeling phenomenon which dead cells are peeled appears naturally. Since this natural method is safe, effective, and uses the immune system, it is more excellent than other methods such as MTS or Laser treatment.
Spicules to be penetrated into inner skin
● Spicules penetrate into balanced skin and make the nutrients penetrated evenly into the skin 
Skin Scaling at home!
● R-tox delivers active ingredients into inner skin through porous structure like drug delivery system effectively: Inducing collagen metabolism.
- Skin structure with the loss of skin density

● Dead skin cells lower the delivery of moisture, oxygen and nutrients in the skin, and reduce the absorption rate of cosmetics. So, it induces the loss of skin density. R-tox eliminates the dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin and helps the skin become smoother.
- Skin’s turnover cycle

● R-tox to be penetrated deeply into the skin delivers the active ingredients effectively. It stimulates the creation of the elastin and collagen. Peptides and botanical derived extract fill the dermis. It also helps peel off the dead skin cells.
- Micro needle structure in micro particles

● Botanical micro needles in micro particles to be penetrated into the stratum basale, for a 24 hour long stimulation period, it provides oxygen into the surrounding cells, promotes skin cell division, and induces effective skin renewal.
- Tip for R-Tox

● Gold Beauty Bar helps R-Tox to be penetrated evenly and deeply. It maximizes the effect of R-Tox and helps you not to feel the pain of needles.


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