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Eyelash intensive Ampoule

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    1,000 ea
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    5,000 ea per One-Time
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    Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East
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    Republic of Korea
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  • Function
    Shiny and elastic eyelashes maker
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Shiny and elastic eyelashes! Abbeia eyelash nutrient !!
This is recommended for you.
- The person who cuts his eyelashes with an eyelash extension
- Those with thin eyelashes or eyebrows
- The person who removes makeup and eyebrow disappears
- The man with the smallest lashes
It is cut and thin, it nourishes a little lashes and makes it with glossy and elastic eyelashes.
Nourish and moisturize your eyelashes
Give nourishment and moisturization to the eyelashes that have been broken or weakened by eyelash lengthening or artificial eyelashes. AVEA Eyelash Intensive Ampoule enhances the activation of the eyelashes and nourishes and moisturizes the eyelashes.
More damaged and healthy eyelashes
AVEA Eyelash Intensive Ampoule keeps your eyelashes more healthy and elastic, and protects your eyelashes.
Producing crisp and clear eyes
Eyelash Intensive Ampoule nourishes and moisturizes your eyelashes for healthy eyelashes. Make eyebrows with your eyebrows rather than artificial eyelashes.
How to use
1. After washing twice a day in the morning and evening, dry the water and apply it before the foundation cosmetics.
2. Apply from the root of the eyelashes to the outside as if combing.
3. If necessary, please concentrate between the solo lashes that are composed together.


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  • Name : Jieun Song
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 107 Bucheon-ro 419beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (14453)
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Miz Herb
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    Eun Ju Song
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    107 Bucheon-ro 419beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (14453)
DoctorCos, have established back in 2001 since then we have been introducing innovative skin care items such as Functional Mask Sheet and BB Cream. Miz Herb have established in 2005 and Miz Herb is DoctorCos's manufacture factory. There are many cosmetic companies in the markets today, but only few of them are successful. DoctorCos & Miz Herb products have been proven as high quality innovative and prestigious skin care products since 2001 in domestic and global markets. In 2002, we were the first company who added “Whitening” function in the Mask Sheet, and had registered this new item at K.FDA for the first time in Korea. It was a huge breakthrough in a whole Skin Care industry. Of course, we were very successful with this new concept of Mask Sheet. Ever since we developed this, the mask sheets have been evolved a lot and still one of the best-selling items. Also in March, 2007, we had registered the BB Cream for the first time at Korean. FDA. Since then, we have been introducing the most innovative and proven skin care products here in Korea and we have been one of the leading companies in this skin care industry. In 2011, we introduced new concepts of Mask Sheet called “Sheet FREE Mask” which was 3rd generation of Mask Sheet after Paper Mask Sheet(1st Gen) and Gel type Mask Sheet(2nd Gen). This new concept of Sheet FREE Mask has been best-selling items after functional Paper Mask Sheet, And we made “Aqua Glow Mask” new sensational lines in skin care industry. Now this Sheet FREE masks has been improved and 3rd Generation of Sheet FREE Mask Sheet is introduced. Also back in 2010, we have introduced Silicone Lifting Mask 1st version, and recently we just introduced 3 Gen Silicone Super Lifting Mask which will be launching in coming month through TV home shopping in Korea with 20 mask sheets as a set. This Silicone Mask can be used as it is for lifting effect and also can be wear with mask sheet so that an user can enjoy daily life and your skin can be able to absorb all those good essence deep into skin. And also can be used after applying any cream or serum to get full benefits from all those good ingredients and at the same time, you skin get a perfect lifting effect. We have been introduced many innovative items so far in skin care industry and we are still studying and trying to introduce better and new products in beauty industry including newly introduced Avea ilGanic Baby Lines which are nearly organic products. DoctorCos & Miz Herb some products have registered at US FDA and also China FDA, and received C.GMP. Besides the DoctorCos brand, we have been supplying high quality proven skin care items under 7 more sub-brands such as Miz Herb, Green Recovery, Avea and etc. Our sales channels are Dermatology, Department Stores, Duty Free Shops, Air Lines, High-End ethetics, Drugstores, Retails and TV Home Shopping in Korea and exporting to Japan, US, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and other countries.
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  • Main Product :
    Snow White Water Glow Mask
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  • Total Annual Revenue :
    1~2 billion (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    11~50 people


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