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Infant Baby Bath Tub JHB-200 Ergonomic knob

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    100 Set
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  • Brand
    Model s_jhw_bathtub
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    790 x 470 x 300 mm
  • Color
    Green, Blue
  • Weight
  • age-appropriate
    0~24 months
  • Material
    ABS, Steel, Silicon

Infant bath tub JHB-200

You need only a bucket of water for bath and it delivers cost efficiency of water saving.

The inner surface of bathtub embodies the original shape of mom's womb, which gives children comfort and warmth while it delivers cost efficiency of water saving.

#1. Green
#2. Blue

Product Information
Size (L x W x H) : 790 x 470 x 300 mm (31.10 x 18.50 x 11.81 inch)
Weight : 4.8kg
Material : ABS, Steel, Silicon
Recommended age : 0~24 months(it can be used up to 3~4 years old due to the condition of child weight.)
The difference in quality and design of infant bathtub
Inspired from the spiral and curvy outlines of the mountains, Rayqueen infant bathtub has been reborn by the hands of professional designer
This brilliant bathtub provides an excellent thermal capacity through the dual structural design and therefore Rayqueen will hug your children with the nature.

Ergonomic knob
Since it is designed in the ergonomical shape that you can put your hands in, it is very easy to move the bathtub with wheels at the bottom and also the knob is shaped in a curvy line that delivers the smooth touch on the edge of knob.

How to read a thermometer
- When the temperature approaches over 42ºC, red colored HOT letter appears on the panel screen.
- In moderate temperature, green colored number appears on the panel screen.
- The numbers are to appear at each different values of temperature.
1. Steel & urethane wheel : Durable urethane tire with stainless steel wheel
2. Silicon anti-skid dot : Silicon material provides anti-skid effect on the slippery surface for your safety.
3. Convergent drainer : For quick and easy emptying water, the drainer is designed in slight steep surface that helps water go well through the shape of bath.
Wall hanging hole for easy storage : When you don't use the bathtub, it provides a wall hanging hole for easy storage.



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  • Name : Yongsu Jung
  • Tel : 82-0325530163
  • Email : jys3780@rayqueen.co.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 31, Wonjeon-ro 69beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, korea (22744)
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    SeongHo Jung
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    31, Wonjeon-ro 69beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, korea (22744)
RayQueen is a professional home sterilizer for baby bottle that provides two models JHS-500, JHS-400 and processes with ultraviolet ray sterilization based on the 40ºC low heating dry. This brilliant sterilizer enables to sterilize various appliances and kitchen wares at your favor settings.
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  • RayQueen Baby Bottle UV Drying Sterilizer 99.9% JHS-400s Black 110V
  • RayQueen Baby Bottle UV Drying Sterilizer 99.9% JHS-400s Gold 110V