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Sohair, L'arvore

Argan Oil(Hair Essence)

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    3,000 ea
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    Asia, Middle East
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    Sohair, L'arvore
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    Republic of Korea
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Representative oil for damaged hair
Damaged hair, elasticity
The answer to complex hair troubles,
Sohair Morocco
Argan Oil
Premium Essence
Sohair on Homeshopping channels,
Sohair on Megazines
C** who used all the hair products for long hair
Mohair organ oil looked luxurious from the box
Silky hair is a matter of time.
I used it with my daughter, but only for a week!
I said I would buy it again
It has a small lid so I do not spill when I use the lid.
It is more convenient to use the pump they sent.
It was hard for me to comb my baby.
It is now so easy to brush my hair. Both the kid and me like it.
Ch** who was hesitant to get short hair and whose hair looked dry
I was wondering if the oil would help with styling.
When I shampooed my hair and dried it, I felt volume and nutrition in my hair.
I was more surprised because it was so well known to those who knew hair products well.
There are many people who imitate because it is a product that they know.
Do not panic, check the genuine.
It contains oil,
but after use, there is no sticky or residue on hands or hair.
While moisturizing is important, you can get both nutrition and elasticity.
The authentic argan oil is different in moisturizing and absorptivity.
Hair oil’s leader, Sohair Argan oil
Premium that Sohair offers
Highly concentrated nutrition
A rich, nourishing formula with argan oil, deep nourishes the hair that breaks down.
Arian Oil Story
It is an oil extracted from Argan tree fruit that grows only in the Moroccan desert,
a protected area by UNESCO designated biosphere, and is recognized for its vitality.
Unsaturated fatty acids more than 80% is a nutritious oil that represents the moisture.
It contains more than twice as much vitamin E than olive oil.
Filled with nutrition from the tip of the hair
Sohair begins the change 
Hair that is filled 
with nutrition and moisturizing 
from hair that cracks and sinks
due to hair damage
Changes that appear 
before you empty a bottle
The effect of Sohair, everyday change
When wet after shampooing,
The end of styling 
after drying hair
It starts with Sohair and ends with Sohair.
Experience the change.
Representative oil praised 
by hair care enthusiasts
The real hair oil is different.
There are similar products, 
but it is different
Argan oil 5600mg gives you g
enuine premium experience
Argan oil
Vitamin E and pyrrolic acid 
protect hair 
from UV rays.
Sunflower seed oil
Contains natural protective ingredients 
to moisturize and protect your hair f
rom dryness and damage.
Avocado oil
Avocado oil is rich in fatty acids, 
forming a protective moisture barrier for hair.
Did you know?
Oil protective barrier 
to keep hair moisturized 
after shampooing
Cream, gel, etc. Most of the water base products
are required to protect the moisture evaporation 
after using the product
After shampooing, wipe off the water 
with a towel before drying, 
and then apply the oil 
around the tip of the hair properly.
Ultraviolet rays / dry / hair perm / dying 
break down the proteins that make up the hair, 
which is the main cause of damaged hair.
Easily cut and shaggy hair,
Even if styling, the hair 
which is sagging steadily 
should necessarily be managed
Do Sohair everyday!
Apply around the tip of cracked and damaged hair.
High absorbing argan oil improves elasticity
and shine on dry hair.
Six oil ingredients protect the hair and make the effect last longer.
Moisture will hold and form a protective oil barrier
to help damaged hair.
The hair with this product is smoother
 than yesterday everyday
Please check with your own eyes.
Highly concentrated, 
non-stick formulation
Great absorbency
The authentic argan, Sohair
Check the certificate!
ISO Certificate
Demonstrated clinical improvement
How to use
Wipe your wet hair with a towel 
after shampooing
Apply the oil evenly around the tip of the hair 
as if you are wiping off the oil.
Dry your hair with a hair dryer.


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