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New Flying 1365pcs 3D Smart Block Toy

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    Republic of Korea
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  • age-appropriate
    Above 3 years old

New Flying 1365pcs

iRiNGO is 3D joint block that helps children enable to integrate their own constructions into pretend play scenarios, creative activity, imaginative leap forward, and IQ & EQ developemnt.

3-Dimensional Block
The world's first angle formation joint block

Ideal for improving IQ & EQ developemnt

Creative Activity & Imaginative Leap Forward
Infinite formation of joint blocks, new experience in new ways

Product Information
KC certified number : CB063D008-6001
Weight : 10352g
A type of material : ABS
Age of use : Above 3 years old
Manufacturer : iRiNGO
The orginal country of manufacture : The republic of Korea
Europe style 3D educational block iRiNGO
iRiNGO block is a creative block that is made by one of the most popular toy block manufactuers, iRiNGO. This smart block enables children to build up car, train, robot and other creative structures and change the way they think with interesting shapes of blocks. It is an educational toy block that children can feel fulfilled in assembling parts together and shaping what they think and even more improve their imagination and creativity.

Expressing Children's Own Thoughts
iRiNGO block facilitates to express children's views and opinions through the process whilst making what they want and also after completing structures.

Learning Capability Level
iRiNGO block is designed to develop learning capability level in accordance with their ages.

Educational Block With Science & Creativity
iRiNGO block is highly recognized by domestic and international educational experts and reputed for the most effective educational toy for not only infants but also children. 

Practical Use Of Learning & Studying
iRiNGO block is not only widely used for educational toy but alternatively applicable for supplementary materials. 

Focusing On Learning Attitude & Creativity
iRiNGO block helps improve children's learning attitude and performance in the way they understand, assemble and build their challenges.
Warning and precausion
- Do not place the product closed to water, heat, medicine, antiseptic, washing machine, and fire.
- Do not throw the product towards human face
- Use the product under the control of guardian
- Do not put the product into a mouth
- Do not use the toy as a weapon
- Do not use your tooth when you try to assemble or disassemble the toy
- Be careful while playing with the product due to it is possibly damage your body such as a finger if you unduly try to assemble or disassemble some parts of the product.



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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 10, Hakdong-ro 21-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (06045)
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Jungle Hero
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Our product is a globally proven product in terms of technological exxellence. Through a play of inserting and pulling, the product has been cotributed to the development of children's brains domestically and around the world. With our firm commitment and determination to expand technological excellence of the Republic of Korea into the world, we are addicted to continuous research and development of the products.
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