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PLUX Nano Ceramic Coating X7 Car Body

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PLUX Nano Ceramic coating X7

Make your car look gloss and shinning all time like newly released!

Product Contents : Coating Varnish 30ml + Wiping towel + Sponge

Penetrative Nano Hybrid Coating Varnish
Developed and released the first in the Korean domestic market, the premium nano ceramic coating agent, compared to other common glass coating varnishes or polishes, is a penetrative nano hybrid coating agent that helps effectively penetrate to the surface of vehicle and maintain high durability. PLUX NANO CERAMIC COATING create highly durable barrier of SiO2 reacting with moist in the air as it is produced at the room temperature by applying sol-gel process.
Based on the latest technology of applied nano ceramic varnish which is generally developed in KAIST Lab and used for coating solar-powered plates, PLUX is an innovative coating agent that contributes to bringing the maximum benefits of state-of-the-art pure synthetic paint protectant in the industry. That is, unlike many of competitors that can only offer you a few products for cars with cured paint, PLUX's SiO2(polishes and glazes) coating products boasts long lasting durability and water repellency since the purity of our nano coating products is 99%. We try the best to research and develop a variety of products that can be alternative for expensive polishes and glazes. Now we are glad to release our specialized nano ceramic coating varnish for all our valuable vehicle owners.

State-Of-The-Art Pure Synthetic Paint Protectant With High Glossy Effect
After hardened, the durability of PLUX NANO CERAMIC COATING results in 6~9H and it creates chemically stable inorganic SiO2 that helps protect the vulnerable surface of vehicle plate. It means this durable clear coat helps prevent the surface from less glossy effect and distortion caused from scratches or oxidation whereas it brings brilliance and smoothness. 

Potent Water Repellency
PLUX NANO CERAMIC COATING has strong water repellency and oil-resistance that helps remove any of stain on the vehicle surface with ease. In contrast to other common products, it appears strong water repellent effect on the surface by the fusion of chemical reaction that is not simply formulated with water-repellent agent and thus it starts performing water-repellent effect after functional compound combined with silane creates high molecule as quick as hardening effect progressed. Furthermore, it gives an excellent adhesiveness which does not easily come off and maintains smoothness on the surface.

Quick and Easy Application
It is very easy to use due to its naturally quick hardening effect and recognized by experts and experienced workmen as the most authentic technology of PLUX.

How to use
1. Ensure to clean your vehicle and remove dirt and stain including wax.
2. Dry the surface well with dry towel.
3. Dispense PLUX NANO CERAMIC COATING to your towel and apply it to your vehicle surface.
4. Ensure to use clean towel at every part of plates.
5. Check if it remains any of residue and clean thoroughly with towel.

Test Reports and Certificates
Safety Test, Patent, ISO9001, Test Report


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  • Name : Jaeyoon Choi
  • Tel : 82-0427211230
  • Email : jychoi@spawnkorea.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 11-3, Techno 1-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea (05509)
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    JaeYoon Choi
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    11-3, Techno 1-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea (05509)
Spawnkorea Ltd is a professional R&D company that has numbers of researchers and developers from Samsung, LG Display, and master's and Ph.d. degrees from KAIST. To improve product quality and step forward to achieve the advanced technology, Spawnkorea strives to invest 10% of total sales gross in cutting-edge, category-defining products and keeps a transparent way of simulating the balancing R&D between market leading brand and technology-driven innovation. Spawnkorea tries the best to study and improve own capabilities for all valuable customers' satisfaction.
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    Ceramic coating Varnish for vehicle
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