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window tinting film for CAR 01

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    L/C(sight) , T/T
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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Features
    Width - 1m50cm X 1m / 57cm X 2m
  • Function
    Interior / sight protection / window tinting
Interior / sight protection / window tinting
Hot ultraviolet UV
We will block up to 99%
1    UV Protection 99% + Infrared Protection 95% + Film Concentration 15%
    Size: Width 1m50cm X 1m
    Film concentration 15%
2    UV Protection 99% + Infrared Protection 95% + Film Concentration 35%
    Size: Width 57cm X 2m
    Film concentration 35%
3    UV Protection 99% + Film Concentration 5%
    Size: Width 57cm X 2m
    Film concentration 5%
4    UV Protection 99% + Film Concentration 15%
    Size: Width 57cm X 2m
    Film concentration 15%
5    UV Protection 99% + Film Concentration 35%
    Size: Width 57cm X 2m
    Film concentration 35%

Blocking the harmful ultraviolet rays and infrared rays!
Energy saving effect in spring / summer / autumn / winter
It cuts 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet rays and blocks 95 to 97% of infrared rays.
In summer, it is warm in winter, it reduces the temperature change during the season, and it is good to energy saving.
winter    Reduce heating costs by up to 30%
summer    Reduce solar heating up to 30% cooling cost

Light blocking film for comfortable environment
Seat discoloration in car and skin aging protection
Excellent UV protection effect prevents glare and rainbow phenomenon, 
prevents aging of skin and prevents discoloration of furniture and clothing due to ultraviolet rays.
Ultraviolet, infrared blocking
Energy saving
Securing visibility
Seat discoloration
No worries that glass breaks
No worry the scattered glass. Avoid dew condensation.
It prevents the car glass from being broken and scattered, and reduces dew condensation caused by temperature difference.
External eye protection = Keep privacy
Construction method of light blocking film
1    Constuct it in an underground parking lot where the wind does not blow.
      If you are in need of outdoor work, please install in a shady place.
2    Please dilute the sprayer by pressing the detergent once per 300 ml of water.
3    Please lower the window about 5cm and spray the detergent with an atomizer and clean it cleanly so as not to leave foreign matter with the hera.
4    Peel off the film and the backing paper in the same manner as above and spray the detergent onto the adhesive side of the film.
5    Place the film on the top edge of the windshield 2 ~ 3mm and position properly.
6    Spray detergent on the film and remove the water from the center in a fan-like direction from the center 
      so that you do not have to leave bubbles or moisture.
8    Work the window up to the end.
    Be careful not to bend to prevent film damage.
    Be careful not to damage the film with the end of the hera.
    Be careful the damage during construction of window corners.
7    Raise the window completely and remove any remaining foreign matter.
8    After spreading the molding to the side with hera,
    Please insert both sides film first and center.
9    Because the window is a curved surface, please work carefully and push out any remaining water from the hera.
10    After finishing the work, please put the finishing material between the window frame molding and do not use the window for 1-2 days.


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  • Name : GIHO LEE
  • Tel : 82-01050491254
  • Email : itel3000@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 99, Deokchon-ro, Anyang-si,, Gyeonggi-do,, Korea (14086)
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Hellow. We're EXCARIBUR. Our company is a manufacturer of railway short film. It is a train short film that can be applied to places where adhesion is possible such as company, house, car. It is a company that can perform sample, mini order, bulk order according to customer's request. Mini order can be carried out, welcome the order of the dear trader. We are selling in various sizes to give convenience to our customers. We will do our best to customize customized film for the best quality. Thank you very much.
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    Home film, Building film, Car film
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