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Witch-hazel pore clear Toner

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Healthy Recipe for Tired Skin from Nature
6 L’avore's Skin Toners
L’arvore, a symbol of nature from trees
The vitality and abundance of trees,
Pure energy that nature gives
It is a brand that fully embraces them
Remove fine waste
With the fast absorption of essence toner
With continuous hydration
Protect your skin
How good and expensive products have you tried?
You need to find the right product for your skin!
Keratin / pore deflection / trouble / face oil
Skin vicious circle
The accumulated keratin is repeated
It widens pores and breaks skin barrier.
I recommend you this if..
Sensitive Skin
Weakened Skin
Irritated skin
You can not scrub every day, can you?
Keratinic care can be done daily but mildly
The ingredients are pure, the effect is strong!
From cleansing to moisturizing!
From oil control to calming skin, Daily home care
Big capacity
6 Skin toners
Please remove the dead skin and wake up the moisture!
Keratin Care + Cleansing + Skin Soothing + Moisturizing all at once
Toner is the last step of cleansing and the first step in skin care!
The most important beginning and end of skin care
Would you still use anything?
Please check carefully
Not all the toners are the same!
L'arvore toner, your skin really wants
6 L'arvore toners
Skin changes depending the type of skin, the season, the mood!
Customized solutions for eacb skin type
Floral Toner
Lovely skin
From dark and invigorating to clear and lovely
Brightening Toner
Skin protection, Glossy skin
Rejuvenates dead skin or rough skin
to smooth and effective skin 
It is not simply the skin-toning product.
Adjusting oil balance, moisturizing, calming, keratin care
Meet skin's natural health again.
Removes skin waste and Keratin
Helps remove old keratin on the skin surface 
without any damage
Skin care / protection
Helps calm and moisturize irritated skin quickly and relieve skin stress.
Weak acid toner for skin
Weak acid is the best for skin
A low-irritant, slightly acidic formula fills the skin with water
It keeps your skin healthy from various harmful environments.
Synergistic effect with ingredients from natural 
Used as a chemical preservative,
saponin is contained in the root of the flower, which helps to improve skin.
It is also known as a BC plant with strong vitality and good mildness.
It contains a large amount of usunic acid, which helps skin's immune activity.
It is known for the regeneration effect, and
it suppresses the inflammation by the ingredient of Madeca acid in leaves and stem.
Snail secretion acts as a natural barrier to mucus
to keep your skin moist and radiant all the time,
and helps repair damaged skin. It also helps relieve troubles and skin elasticity.
It has the ability to protect against active oxygen,
preventing skin damage, preventing wrinkles, and helping to keep skin elastic.
Reasonable high-capacity skin toner
Price-wise, Good toner!
248ml! No worries, you can use as much as you want!
Price-wise, Good toner!
Big capacity
For your skin, it will be enough to use
Smart customers,
Your choice changes your skin.
After comparing with other skin toners,
Experience the changes that a bottle of a skin toner brings.
The common news article these days
Cosmetics Consumption Act "Brand names are not all"
Wise Cosmetic Consumption “Be more careful”
The best way to consume cosmetics wisely is to choose cosmetics based on ingredients rather than brands. Even cosmetics with a huge price difference(10 times or more expensive) are often manufactured with the same ingredients.
On October 18, 2008, Korea revised the Cosmetics Act to display all ingredients in cosmetics sold in Korea. It is in order to make it easy for doctors to find out, when a side effect is caused by the choice of a wise cosmetics.
All cosmetics should list the ingredients in order of their content in the packaging container according to the full ingredient labeling.
However, when a small amount of a harmless component is contained in an amount of 1% or less, it may be indicated regardless of the order.
Therefore, let's take a careful look at how far the functional ingredient is located and whether it contains any harmful ingredients. When you understand roughly the main ingredients of cosmetics and their functions, you will be able to know how effective this cosmetics will be without being misled by price or brand, and to be able to consume wise cosmetics.
Betrayal of premium cosmetics that you trusted
"How to Buy Cosmetics  Wisely?”
The most important thing to check for reasonable cosmetics consumption is all ingredients, not brand or product name.
Since October 2008, Korea has implemented a cosmetic ingredient labeling system, which is obligatory to label all packaging components in packaging boxes. However, most consumers tend to loosen the point of purchasing cosmetics without checking all ingredients, and even though they contain a small amount of key ingredients, they are often over-hyped.
In order to consume cosmetics wisely without being deceived by hype, it is necessary to check carefully all the ingredients in the box before purchase and to choose a product containing a lot of essential ingredients. The way to check all the components is simple. Since it means the higher the content, the more they mark the front, check where the ingredients are put that you want to get.
Most of the cosmetics, such as skin toner, lotion, cream, ampoule, etc., contain purified water, which means water. When functional ingredients are listed in front of purified water, it is the most effective cosmetic product for skin.
We are confident
with ingredients and high quality
only for your skin, L’avore.
Another tip
Toner to wipe off
After cleansing, wipe your skin with it softly not to irritate it.
Use as a mist
You can use this skin toner in an empty spray container at work or outdoors at any time 
Use as a facial mask
Soak a cotton pad or a mask sheet with it and energize the skin before and after cleansing.


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Crocoro Beauty Management If you do not! The only product that I heard from rumors is Croce.! I think women's make-up should be managed to the invisible place. Croce is fashon and beauty company. In fashion business, we have watch brand CROCE and manufacturing wirst watch. In beauty business, we have our own brand Sohair, Sofoot and we are sole distributor for skin care L'arvore. We want to create a beauty that focuses not only on beauty but also on hair. We will show you what true beauty is. Thanks.
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