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Vitalizing Perfect Cover Cushion no.21

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    L/C(sight) , T/T
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    10 Carton
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    Asia, Europe, Americas
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  • Brand
    Model Vitalizing Perfect Cover Cushion no.21
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
Vitalizing Perfect Cover Cushion no.21
Capacity : 15g
Essential skin products for all women
One of the best selling item online
The revolution of cuishion foundation
Boost your skin complexion with perfect cover!
Boost your skin complexion with perfect cover! Vitalizing Essence Perfect Cover Cushion!
1. Matching skin tone with perfect cover!
Boost your skin complexion with perfect and professional coverage.
2. Containing full of rose-based essence!
Calm dry and sensitive skin and enhance skin condition with full of rose-based essence.
3. Luminous glow+ Tone Up
Matching skin tone naturally beautiful and luminous glow. 
4. Perfect sun protection / SPF50+,PA+++
Optimized for outdoor activity based on strong sun protection effect.
More than 55% of Moisturizing Essence! Perfect Coverage with no mess!
Perfect cover + Moisturizing Vitalizing Essence Cover Cushion
Skin care & Make up at once
Detailed things for product:
1. Triple function: Whitening, Anti-wrinkle and Sunblock in SPF 50+ / PA+++
2. More than 55% of Moisturizing Essence: As containing more than 55% of hydrating essence Rosa Damascena Flower Water, it enhances skin clarity and moisture.
3. 3 in 1 convenient care: Moisturizing essence, Sunscreen and Liquid foundation at once!
4. Perfect application! & Long lasting powder: It is a lightweight liquid cushion that applies to skin evenly and lasts long with no make up correction needed. 
7 functions in 1:
1. High and luminous coverage: Profession and luminous skin coverage with hydrating essence
2. Anti- wrinkle effect for anti-aging: Soothing and protecting skin against aging by light and heat
3. Whitening effect to enhance skin clarity: Brightening and improving skin complexion effected by UV rays
4. Full of Damascena Flower Water Essence: Soothing dry and irritated skin to enhance skin condition
5. High sun protection in SPF50+ / PA+++: Suitable for long time outdoor activities with strong sun screen effect
6. Hydration with skin-friendly patent ingredients: Enhancing skin radiance and elasticity with skin-friendly ingredients such as Amnio Acid Complex, Oligo HA, 5 Abocuta
7. Stunning-ready brightening effect: Instant brightening effect with naturally luminous glow.
How to replace a refill:
1. Open the pouch and take out the refill  2. Push the back of the cushion and take out the old one  3. Place the refill on the right side  4. Press tight until the click sound is on.
Main ingredients:
1. Rosa Damascena Flower Water: It delivers intensive moisture and keeps skin soft for long as containing rose based water.
Other ingredients:
2. Niacinamide 
3. Adenosine
4. Ceramide Np
5. Cocoon Extract


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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • Gyeonggi-daero 1791 ,Jinwi-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do Korea (17706)
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