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Dirt BYE Cleaning Tool - Transparent Orange and Green

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    L/C(sight) , T/T
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    10 Carton
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    Asia, Americas, Europe
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    Model Dirt BYE Cleaning Tool - Transparent Orange and Gr
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    Republic of Korea
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Dirt BYE Cleaning Tool - Transparent Orange and Green

Please notice that colors are delivered randomly by inventory status.
Cleaning tool for lid, groove, crack, thread
Essential commidity for all housewives
Consist of 3 different shapes for better cleaning
Guarantee of perfect cleaning without damage on your product
A great choice of cleaning tool! To satisfy hygiene-conscious housewives, 
An ultimate solution for cleaning grooves of airtight containers, food trays, tumblers, and blenders!
Groove is the hardest part to be cleaned. Dirt Bye takes away your dishwashing concerns by thoroughly removing dirt in the grooves of various kitchenware, baby products(spiral grooves of feeding bottles), refrigerators, coffee machines and more. 
Dirt BYE Cleaning Tool is available for 6 desings.
Product characteristic:
With 6 options, DIRT BYE is and easy-to-use cleaning tool to remove dirt and stains in the grooves of various kitchen products and to take out the rubber rings of airtight containers.
For taking out a rubber ring:
-You can choose among 3 different designs for the tip of the holder depeding on your purpose.
-The tip of the holder can be used for both removing and cleaning rubber rings
How to remove a rubber ring in a tight and narrow groove: 
1. Put DIRT BYE in the groove between a rubber ring and a lid.
2. Gently move it right and left and put it in the groove completely.
3. Push forward the rubber seal in a slightly upward direction 
4. When the ring comes up, take it out with the other hand. 
For cleaning a groove:
-The cleaning part with a brush completely washes away stubborn stains in grooves and crevices.
-Put the cleaning part of DIRT BYE in a hard-to-reach area and wash it under the running water. 
Coffee Meal:
What is Coffe Meal?
These days, most of us enjoye brew coffee made of roasted and ground coffee beans. Coffee meal, or coffee grounds are waste product from brewing coffee. 
Although the coffee beans are categorized as a grain crop, coffee grounds are designated as a household food waste that causes major soil pollution when dumped with other food waste.
DIRT BYE is a cleaning tool that uses coffee grounds and recreates it as an eco-friendly cleaning material.
Adavantage of using DIRT BYE cleaning tool:
1. Moisture repellent  2. Dedorizes  3. Reduces weight by 10~20%  4. Pest control  5. Eco-friendly product
1. Dirt and stains in the groove can be easily left unattended becuase of difficulty in washing the area and frequent use.
2. Bacteria and fungi will grow in rubber seals and fine crevices if they are not wahsed properly.
3. Alternative items to clean crevices, such as toothbrush, are not effective enough.    
To keep your family health and for a clean household!
DIRT BYE enables you to remove the rubber ring of a sealed container without causing damage, and it can also be used to clean various products.
No more troubles in cleaning crevices! DIRT BYE makes crevice cleaning simple and easy!
Anything with a crevice airtight containers, baby products, water bottles, refrigerators, rice cookers, coffee machine, blenders, thermos, etc. can be cleaned thoroughly.a


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  • Name : Mi Na Jung
  • Tel : 82-07040010635
  • Email : guanwoozzang@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 365,Sinseon-ro,Nam-gu, Busan, Korea (48547)
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    Soon Won Jung
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    365,Sinseon-ro,Nam-gu, Busan, Korea (48547)
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    Home Cleaner
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    Less than 5


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