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Speed Eyelink

Speed Eyelink Set

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Three promises of Speed Eye Link
Speed eye link left and right eyelash elongating machine
separating rod
separating brush
renewable cleaner
1. Speed eye link left and right
With the eyelash device, ou can remove the eyelash quickly and extend it quickly.
Product features : 
It is made of ergonomic design that can adjust the face and eyebrow texture 360 degrees and can adjust to the face by free angle.
It adopts advanced new material and easily separates complex eyelashes by using the groove of semi-permanent device board can.
2. Blind brush set
Brush with soft curves
It is a blind brush that helps to separate and organize eyelashes and extend and remove eyelashes.
It is lightweight and has a curved shape that allows easy
separation of fine and complex eyelashes.
It is hygienic and practical because only the sole part can be replaced.
Product Features :
You can separate only the part of the eyelash that extends from 2 to 3 lines,
which is inconvenient to extend, using a separation brush.
3. Renewable cleaner
After using the speed eyelink device, remove remnants and glues on the plate with a remover,
and then spray the regenerative cleaner to sanitize and disinfect
the product to keep it in a clean condition and prolong the period of use.
Product Features : 
Spray the regenerative cleaner onto the speed eyelink plate and clean it with a clean cotton or soft towel.
Spped eyelashes extension using eye link
1. Attaching sanitary tape
2. Speed eyelashes extension - positioning the device
(1) Place one of the devices on the eye that you wish to operate, and place the other device.
(fixed plate) on the different eye.
(2) Adjst the flat plate to the tip of the nose, and place the plate with a dent 3~4mm under the eye.
If you want a natural J curl, just the flat plate on the tip of the nose,
and if  you want to either make a C curl or your eyes look bigger, narrow down the angle.
3. Seperating eyelashes for and easy extension.
(1) Separate around 15~20 eyelashes first using the eyelashes device or the separation brush.
(Separate and extend in order of longest eyelashes -> long eyelashes->short eyelashes, and use the aid stick on the empty space)
(2) Spread out the eyelashes that was separated by the device into a radial shape.
Push-in short eyelashes using the aid stick.
There might be many short eyelashes even after the separation, so to not disrupt the extension,
use the device plate to push in the short eyelashes.
Primatly extend the eyelashes using X tweezers.
4. Eyelash extension method 1st
Extend eyelashes not to touch the white device plate when you place the glue on the eyelashes.
5. After the secondary eyelashes separation, extend the eyelashes.
Extend the eyelashes with the eyelashes that was primarily extend.
Unlike the primary extension, secondary and tartiary extensions use the
"stepping-stone extension method" by using the aid stick.
This is for preventing extended eyelashes from slicking together.
to put it eastly, skipping way is the way that jst divide lashes to three parts -A,B,C
if you extended part of A, next extension is part of B and part of C
6. Dry eyelashes with the dryer
7. Remove the sanitary tape.
8. Method of disinfection and storing Eye link
How to disinfect and recycle your deivce
1. after using, always clean eye link thoroughly, cat the remover on the glue-stained plate, and wipe it after 2~3minutes
2. If foreign substances or glue is stained on the dent, coat it with the remover and scrape it out with a thin needle.
3. Disinfect the device by spraying it with regeneration cleaner, and then store it after wiping it with a soft towel.


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We(Isiswig co.,ltd) invented and patented for the first time in the world “ Speed eyelash extension device & skill” and we have 70 of various patent. We(Isiswig co.,ltd) export beauty product to Asia, America, Europe, all the countries of the world Speed eye link make all the women’s eyelashes long, plentiful, colorful, beautiful and Fast, easy, convenient and make eyelash extension complete in 20 min. We specialize in women’s wig company who have a tradition of hair ware and fashion (Eyesha Fashion wig, senior wig, hair loss wig for men, Jang mi hee’s anti-cancer wig, since in 1991 The most of east Asia(Korea, china, Japan) only deal with loss hair wig, bu
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