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GluCA® Regeneration Cream

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    Republic of Korea
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    7×7×4.7 cm/ 92 g
Reinforcement of Skin Barrier and Healthy Skin Maintenance by Calcium and Magnesium Ion Balance.
Damage and aging skin regeneration from madessoside and natural extract. Enhanced skin barrier feature cream with ceramide, pitosphingosin and phytosterol.
Manufacturing technology is licensed to sell hair improvement products.
Study the product to protect excellent moisturizing ability and sensitive skin.
Try to have fresh, healthy skin. Seek products that are close to nature.
It provides healthy moisture and moisture to the skin, soothes the heat of the skin and keeps the skin cooler.
It provides relaxing, natural vitality to tired skin and keeps skin healthy and active for a long time.
It is safe and durable when penetrating the skin, and helps you stay healthy and young.
Excellent effect on skin pigmentation Helps to lighten the skin tone that is darkened by ultraviolet light.
It is a perfect protective layer, helping to protect your skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays and make it look more radiant and beautiful.
It contains more than 90 % of medicinal herb medicine.
I am concerned about playing the role of cosmetics and making products that exclude hazardous substances as much as possible.
It has to be used every day, so it's good for your skin and keeps it within reach.
If experiencing itching, red spots, or swelling after use, stop using it and be diagnosed.


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  • Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea (34054)
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Wizchem Co., Ltd.

Wizchem Co., Ltd.

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    Myung Soo Chae
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    Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea (34054)
Based on stabilization, formulation and efficacy evaluation techniques of various skin physiological active substances derived from skin cells and natural ingredients, Wezchem Inc. has been researching, developing and manufacturing bio-media cosmetics that are effective in regeneration, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, etc. We will do our best to realize new beauty and value through deep research into skin and natural products, thereby realizing a better life. BRAND CONCEPT Gluca® is a skin science brand that provides energy to tired and damaged skin while using mineral balance to solve various skin problems. PHILOSOPHY Instead of cosmetics that temporarily make your skin look good, you can adjust the energy source and ion balance that your skin needs to have and establish the basis for skin health. TECHNOLOGY -Deep cleansing: Cleans excess sebum and pore wastes. - Skin whitening: It maintains a clear and white skin tone by whitening effects. -Natural extract: Helps with rapid sedation and protection for dry and sensitive skin. -Surviolet protection: blocks skin from aging and light-damaging due to ultraviolet light. - Skin Barrier: acts as a protective layer around the skin surface. - Skin Moisture: moisturizes dry skin. -ion Balance: Balance calcium and magnesium ion concentrations to maintain healthy skin.
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    coating chemicals
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    2~3 billion (KRW)
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    11~50 people


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  • GluCA® Regeneration Ionic Essence
  • GluCA® Regeneration Ionic Essence
  • GluCA® Regeneration Whitening Toner