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Mexico Nopal Cactus Cotton Candy Cleanser

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    Model Mexico Nopal Cactus Cotton Candy Cleanser
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    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    180 ml
Mexico Nopal Cactus Cotton Candy Cleanser

Capacity : 180ml
Cleans inside pores with resilient and rich bubbles
34% Contains organic mexico nopal cactus certified by USDA
You can feel safe to use on sensitive skin because it minimized chemical component content
It removes wastes softly and keeps skin moisturized
Mexico Nopal Cactus Cotton Candy Cleanser
It contains 34% Contains organic mexico nopal cactus.
Resilient & Moist Candy Foam (180ml)
Hypo-allergenic leansing, Thorough cleansing, Skin refreshing
1. Cleans inside pores with resilient and rich bubbles:
It cleanses pores thoroughly as resilient cotton candy bubbles with super food, chia seed extract, removes waste matter completely.
2. Clean luminant skin without irritation:
Natural extract not only cleanses your skin without irritation but also it keeps your skin tone brighter.
3. Moisturized skin even after cleansing:
Natural ingredients such as cactus stem extract, chia seed extract, oat kernel extract, and B-glucan keep moisture deep inside skin to maintain moisturized feeling without drying the skin.
It also contains 34% of organic cactus extract for smart cleansing 
Why Mexico Nopal Cactus?
Nopal is and edible cactus that grows in semi-arid desert area in Mexico that UN designated as a clean area that it contains strong vitality that overcomes a huge daily temperatue range.
Especiailly, it contains fiber and nutritional componentes that it has been used for folk remedy and as a food ingredient by Indians since 65 B.C. and Mexican Indians considered as a 'gift from God' called moisture storage of moisture.
High content of phytochemical in cactus protects skin from stress, and brightens, soothes, and moisturizes skin by restoring your skin condition.
Another feature of Mexico nopal cactus:
1. Dietary fiber 48.5 %   2. 8times of calcium than anchovy   3. 5 times of Vitamin C than Aloe.
It is also certified by USDA organic certification.
Skin-friendly vegetable raw materials:
1. Mexico nopal cactus for Exfoliates, Moisture
2. Hyaluronic acid for anti-oxidation 
3. Chia seed for Exfoliates
4. Betaglucan 
5. Basil for  Exfoliates, Moisture
6. Allantoin
7. Oat
How to use it:
1. Wet your face or hands and take approximately 3cm of cotton candy cleanser.
2. Spread the cleanser all over your palms and add a little water to work up lather.
3. Add more water when it starts to foam up, and relax your hands and continue to lather.
4. Rub your face hands and face gently with plenty of bubbles.


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