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Nutrient Relief Bird's Nest Bio Mask

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    Model Nutrient Relief Bird's Nest Bio Mask
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    Republic of Korea
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    40 g
Nutrient Relief Bird's Nest Bio Mask

Dermatologic revolution that turn back aging
Tight adhesion bio cellulose mask sheet, Contains 10,000 ppm of swiftlet's nest extract, Natural moisturizing factor content
1. Skin turnover revitalization: Sufficient EGF with protein function vitalizes the skin turnover cycle to keep the skin tone clearer and healthy.
2. Elasiticity improvement: Raises collagen density for elastic improvement
3. Moisture retaining power: Reduces moisture evaporation from skin and improves dryness 
4. Sialic acid: Rich in Sialic acid of 200 times higher nutrients than royal jelly, keeps your skin younger and more elastic 
Why swiftlet(stormy petrel)?
3~4million won per 1kg.
Swallow's nest made out of saliva gland secretion of stormy petrel has been treated as an elclusive food material enough to be only served to the emperor from the past,
The asking price was 3million won(Around $2,800 in USD) per 1kg. 
Why is it difficult to get swiftlet's extract, and why is it so expensive?
The only it's possible to collect swiftlet's nest is only 3months in April, September and December. And it is because those who collect the swiftlet's nest need to climb the ceiling higher than 100m just by depending on a ladder and rope without safety gear.
What is swiftlet's (stormy petrel) nest extract?
Nest built by 'Swiftlet' a bird of swallow family, with edible seaweed and its saliva instead of hay and soil near seahorse for approximately a month. It is called edible bird's nest in China and the main ingredient, mucin, is a combination of protein and polysaccharide. It is known as the finest food  and has been used as a health food since B.C.
It is recommended for those who need to enhance elasticity inside skin and...:
1. Those who are worried about dry skin due to lack of moisture
2. Those who are worried about fine wrinkles due to dryness
3. Those who can not use any cosmetics because of sensitive skin
4. Those with uneven skin tone.
5. Those with white skin but lacks in vitality
Main ingredients:
1. Aloe vera leaf juice powder  2. Mulberry root extract  3.  B-Glucan   4. Licorice Extract   5. Sanghwang mushroom extract   6. Royal jelly extract   7. Trehalose   8. Betaine   9. Hyaluronic acid
How to use:
1. Remove water from your face after cleansing.    2. Remove cover on one side and attach the removed side on your face.  3. Attach tightly on your face and remove the remaining cover.  4. Remove the mask sheet after 10~20 mins.
Other recommendation:
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