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Daeshin Konjac

Konjac foodstuff 10-sort-set (16 packs)

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    L/C(sight) , T/T
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    1,000 Set
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    Americas, Asia
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  • Brand
    Daeshin Konjac
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
  • Package Includes
    Konjac noodle 10-sort-set
  • age-appropriate
    All ages
Konjac noodle 6-sort-set
If you eat konjac, your calorie intake will decrease by 97% !!
Calories are only 3% of the flour and carbohydrates are only 8%
Product composition
String konjac 200g X 2pack
Udon konjac 800g
Konjac noodles 200g X  2pack
Sea lettuce Konjac noodles 200g X 2pack
Salad konjac noodles 800g
Seaweed konjac noodles 200g X 2pack
Konjac noodle 10-sort-set
If you eat Konjac, your calorie intake will decrease by 97% !!
Calories are only 3% of the flour and carbohydrates are only 8%

Product composition
Sashimi konjac 200g x 2 pack
Seaweed konjac jelly 500g
Udon konjac 800g
Quail shape konjac 200g x 2 pack
Konjac noodles 200g x 2 pack
String konjac 200g X 2pack
Salad konjac noodles 800g
Konjac jelly 250g
Sea lettuce Konjac noodles 200g X 2pack
Seaweed konjac noodles 200g X 2pack
Sashimi konjac
Quail shape konjac
Konjac jelly
Seaweed konjac jelly
Konjac noodles : Thin noodles, Cold Buckwheat Noodles, Spicy Buckwheat Noodles
String konjac : Noodle thickness
Sea lettuce konjac noodles : Noodle thickness
Konjac udon noodles: udon noodles, hot pots, stir-fried noodles
Seaweed konjac noodles: Noodle thickness
Salad noodles: spaghetti, salad
It'svery elastic~ delicious konjac
It matches well with any dish!

Well-being food that feels satiety even if there are few calories and carbohydrates
Resolve the calories and carbohydrates that are fattening with konjac!
Konjac is 3% of the flour and carbohydrates are only 8% of the flour, so you can drastically reduce your calorie and carbohydrate intake even if you eat enough.
Comparison of calories and carbohydrates per 100g of food
Food rich in dietary fiber!
Konjak is a food made by cultivating the Old Testament herbs and its main ingredient is moisture and dietary fiber.
It is a food that gives a feeling of fullness with less calories and reduces the intake of sugar and stimulates your body gently.
New concept food for zero calorie
solve the overflowing calories with Konjak!
Low calorie food
It's very elastic and Low calorie !
It suits well for all kinds of noodle dishes.
For lifelong health
Konjak is low calorie, low carbohydrate food.
For healthy beauty
The main ingredient of konjac is moisture and dietary fiber
It gives a feeling of fullness and stimulates the intestines smoothly.

All konjac products are packed with 25% of the weight of the product.
The display weight of the product is the weight of the konjack itself without water.
Please keep the product so that it will not freeze
After opening, store the packed water and product that have been put together in an airtight container and keep it 'refrigerated'.
Please note that depending on the performance of the refrigerator, it may freeze.
Products that are opened may possibly spoil  even if refrigerated, so please have it within 1 to 2 days.

How to keep
Can be stored at room temperature for 6 months. But be careful not to freeze.
If you put food in the freezer or leave it in the open air in winter, the taste of the food will deteriorate.


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  • Name : Saint Yum
  • Tel : 82-0317983373
  • Email : saintyum@naver.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 331, Dongmak-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul-si, Korea (04156)
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MiracleMill Co., Ltd

MiracleMill Co., Ltd

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    Saint Yum
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    331, Dongmak-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul-si, Korea (04156)
Hellow we're Miracle Mill. Miracle Mill is the largest producer and seller of konjac products in Korea. Instead, it is a sales agent of Konnyaku, konnyaku, konnyaku jelly. We established our company in 2009 and have been producing products without losing the original intention. We are the largest company in Korea producing confectionery products. Women who are dieting, those who are not good at chewing and who can not chew, are making products that can be eaten freely even after exercise. Thank you very much.
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  • Main Product :
    Low-calorie Drinking Konjac Jelly,Konjac noodle
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    5~10 people


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  • Konjac Noodle Silgonyak 200g*5 packs
  • Low-calorie Drinking Konjac Jelly Apple/Grape/Orange
  • Konjac noodle 6-sort-set (10 packs)