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Rose Soap

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BLISS QUEEN Natural Beauty Soap
BLISS QUEEN Natural soap contains 100% rose solution and pure petal powder.
Natural roses contain 17 times more vitamin C than lemon, 
and 20 times more vitamin A than tomatoes,
which is an excellent effect for whitening, skin soothing, skin regeneration, anti-aging and fatigue recovery.

BLISS QUEEN Natural soap is based on cleansing and smooth and soft moisturizing.
For whitening, trouble improvement, skin calming and skin improvement,
we will take the first step of skin beauty.

BLISS QUEEN is made of special technology of natural beauty soap 
which does not add chemical raw material but puts natural powder.
BLISS QUEEN main raw material
BLISS QUEEN Natural soap contains natural undiluted solution extracted from natural edible rose sesame leaves.
The improved varieties of French are made from 100% natural rose 
produced with excellent technology and thorough management.
The efficacy of roses
Roses are also called vitamin bombs.
Vitamin C contains 17 times as much lemon and 
vitamin A as 20 times more than tomatoes, 
and it has excellent effects on whitening, wrinkle, skin soothing, moisturizing, anti-aging and skin regeneration.

Roses are well absorbed by the body and contain a lot of ingredients called "Geraniol," which emit a rose fragrant.
What is Geraniol?
It is a colorless liquid fragrance with a rose scent. It is also used as a raw material of perfume. 
It is also used in cosmetics manufacturing.
BLISS QUEEN rose soap
Makeup is well cleared.
Whitening, skin soothing, skin regeneration
From the body is a rose scent~
Whitening, full of rose water and rose powder with excellent skin soothing effect~
My body is full of roses~
BLISS QUEEN rose soap main ingredient
Rose oil, rose powder, rose oil
Roses are also called vitamin bombs.
Vitamin C contains 17 times as much lemon and vitamin A as 20 times more than tomatoes, and it has excellent effects on whitening, wrinkle, skin soothing, moisturizing, anti-aging and skin regeneration.

It is a kind of cactus and it is called "palm cactus" and it is called "Perennial" in Jeju Island.
It is good for preventing aging, and good for whitening and skin beauty because it contains a large amount of vitamin C.

Dried orange peel 
The limonene and ingredients in the Dried orange peel prevent moisture evaporation, make the skin shine and keep the moisturizing.
It is also very effective for eczema, oily trouble skin (acne, purulent acne, etc.), dry trouble (atopy etc) dermatitis.

Honey has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and has a natural antimicrobial fungus that helps calms the scalp and reduces dandruff.
It is effective for healing of scratches and light wounds. 
It has a calming and sulphating effect on the skin. 
It has the ability to delay aging because it has good nutrients for skin. 
It has excellent moisturizing and whitening function.

Shea Butter
It has the best moisturizing power among the plants on the earth and regenerates skin elasticity.
It nourishes hair and scalp, restores healthy hair, prevents skin aging and reduces wrinkles, and prevents skin wrinkles.

It contains a lot of oleic acid, so it has a high moisturizing effect on the skin. 
It has UV protection, soothing, antioxidant effect and is very good for allergic skin diseases and atopic skin diseases.
It is also one of the features of high skin permeability.

It will heal troubles such as acne, skin cancer, black spot, etc.
Coconut oil is absorbed quickly by the skin, which helps to moisturize the skin and make fine skin.

It contains vitamin and essential fatty acids to enhance skin moisturizing and elasticity, promotes collagen and elastin production, and prevents skin aging.
Helps maintain healthy skin by nourishing the skin.

How to use
Because natural soap uses 100% high-grade vegetable natural oil, 
it does not require a cumbersome cleansing cream when using natural soap even in color and makeup.
1    Make enough bubbles
    Wet hands with lukewarm water and rub the natural soap with your palms to make enough bubbles.
2    Exercise your fingers and massage the bubbles.
    The cheek is massaged inside out with the middle finger.
3    The nose rubs up and down.
    The nose, which always has a lot of oil and is always shiny, needs to be particularly careful when cleansing.
4    The forehead and chin with a lot of sebaceous glands are able to apply force to the fingers to cleanse.
5    After cleansing thoroughly to the boundary, rinse with lukewarm water 10 times or more.
How to keep
1    Natural soaps are made from 100% natural ingredients and oils, so they can get weaker than common soaps.
2    Natural soap is very resistant to moisture, 
    so it can be used for a long time after drying to ensure that the water is well drained.
1    Natural soaps are not medicines or functional cosmetics that treat skin diseases.
2    If you have skin problems such as red spots, swelling or itching on your skin during use, please discontinue use.
3    Areas with scratches, dermatitis, etc. Please do not use the site.
4    Do not use for cleaning.
5    Please rinse with clean water as soon as you get in your eyes.
6    Please keep out of reach of children.



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Hellow. We're skinbliss. It is a reliable company that makes natural soap. Our soap is made available to children and adults alike, You can use it with your child. You may choose to use soap according to your skin type. Acne skin is made of the leaves of the ecstasy. Scalp and pore care henna shampoo soap. Foot soap that releases tired feet. Blackhead and Fiji are noodle charcoal soap. You can use the child's soap made with the mother's mind, the stimulation, the trouble improvement. You can also sell as a set, so choose the type of soap that suits your skin.
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