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Coolmesh Sleeping Bag for camping 3 color

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Coolmesh Sleeping Bag

German Three-dimension Airmesh Fabric
Three-dimension Airmesh Fabric material was released first in Germany and it is made with 100% polyester under the key producing method, Warp Knilting Technology, that bring 3-D pattern in the fabric material.

#1. Navy / Gray
#2. Beige / Green
#3. Green / Gray

Size : 2150 x 900 x 800 mm (84.64 x 35.43 x 31.49 inch)
Height : approx. 210 mm (8.26 inch)
Fabric : Synthetic Fiber + Polyester
Lining : Airmesh
Weight : approx. 1700g
Reliable Production for High Quality Product
3D Airmesh boasts highly ventilated performance in 6 side of surfaces and it is new type material that brings an excellent cooling effect during Summer.

- Mesh net attached in between two materials and tightly formed on both outer and inner material
- Durability for consistent pressure of body
- Excellent shock resistance with cushy effect
- Enhancing body blood circulation and air ventilation
- Preventing the growth of bacteria
- Non-formaldehyde meshnet with effective sweat absorption

The best water-repellent performance as well as durability
This specialized mesh net has been processed with the best water-repellent coating on highly dense material and it helps maintain refreshing atmosphere for your camping.

moisture-proofing / wind-breaking / water tightness
Size Information
- The actual size may vary slightly depending on the measuring method or user.
- The colors of the product may be rendered differently depending on the specification of your monitor.
- The materials of internal/external skins of the sleeping bag or color of the carrying case may vary depending on the season.
- Such deviation in materials and colors does not warranty replacement or return of the product.
High Quality Zipper
Zipper Stopping Function prevents the zipper not to open when you move in the sleeping bag and it fully covers zipper for great looking design.

Fixed Pole
It's stainless and does not rust at all. It is easy for anyone to install with it.
Highly Dense Mesh Net
It is not just ordinary mesh net but made with micro mesh net that delivers an excellent vetilating performance and perfect insect protection.
Bi-directional zippers
The zippers, which open and close in both directions, allow you to open or close the zippers in either upward or downward direction. You can also easily open and close the zippers while you are in the sleeping bag.
3D Mesh Material
It is cushy material that gives a smooth-textured soft feeling with stain resistance and ideal for indoor and outdoor activities.


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  • 1299 Ori-ro, Guro-gu, Seoul (08257)
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We has incessant striving to research and technological development for over 30 years as a manufacturer of Camping Outdoors supplies for leisure, thanks to you for your warm love has come to today. In 2015 we have recorded of design registrations for a number of products such as the first domestic high-end, low-end including the patent of tent type hammock and sleeping bags, hammocks approval from the relevant authorities. In addition, the patent for the product, such as micro-cool sleeping bags, sleeping bags and similar functionality and baby cot are under processing. This is the heart of us who want to identify the needs of the customer each evaluates when they use of our products called "It's very convenient and comfortable and very safe. D3 Home Dreamer, IREDOTCOM Co., Ltd is closer to our customers in the domestic and overseas of the world tries to research and expand of sales network for ongoing service quality and innovation, and ease and versatility of the product development so that they take advantage of widely available this product around the world. We will try to inform the excellence of our products while fulfilling to supply high quality products with affordable prices also open the future to identify and train talent for the global era closer to underprivileged neighbors and want all the obligations of the company. Dear Customers, May I ask for your continued encouragement and warm care of. Thank you.
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