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Gio Pillow

Gio Clavis's KIDS MAT for All-in-One type M

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    10 Carton
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  • Brand
    Gio Pillow
    Model Gio Clavis's KIDS MAT for All-in-One type M
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
Gio Clavis's KIDS MAT for All-in-One type M


Smart Mothers' best choice for babies
The best baby mat that can guarantee babies' safety
Get the Atopy assured mark and KC certification
Multi-purpose baby mat for all four season
Baby mat for cool in Summer & warm in winter
Point 01
"The best baby mat"! Solve the problem of house dust mite.
Baby bedding is a hotbed of house dust mite! House dust mite that causes baby Atopy and Allergy!
MITE OUT TM: It prevents the access to house dust mite and suppresses mites that live using eco-friendly material that is harmless to human body containing the extract of 'Phytoncide' 
and component of the natural material. Airmesh materal can be used hygienically because it is not stained by baby's sweat or saliva.
Point 02
'Get the Atopy assured mark and KC certification'. It is made more safety for baby's sensitive skin
Handmade product, Manufactured by S.Korea.
This product is made of 100% of S.Korean fabrics and we consider the safety the most for this product to show that we are specialized in manufacturuing professional baby bedding materials.
Point 03
'Safe baby mat for managing suffocation'  Air circulation~ Check the Air mesh material.
3D Air mesh prevents all the babies from suffocation by making it circulate between the fabrics and materials.(Breathability Air Circulation)
Point 04
Mutiple purpose baby mat which can be used in all 4 seasons.
It can be used in all 4 seasons with 3D Air mesh's excellent fucntion.
Honeycomb structure's 3D Air mesh fabric enables you to stay in cool in summer with natural air circulation and in warm in winter with internal heating system.  
Point 05
'Long-lasting Cushioning'
Regardless of usage period, we can guarantee the long-lasting cushioning for this product.
By using 16mm size of high quality air mesh fabric that is thicker than 13mm size of other companies', it guarantees the long-lasting cushioning.
Point 06
'Laundry uses a washing machine'!!
Manage the baby mat hygienically!
Uncomfortable cleaning with wet wipes of ordinary mat 
GIO KIDS MAT can be used clean and hygienically because it can wash entirely.
How to wash ordinary mat:
When baby is vomitting or spilled milk, Uncomfortable cleaning with wet wipes of ordinary mat.
How to wash GIO KIDS MAT:
When baby is vomitting or spilled milk, GIO KIDS MAT can be washed easily using the washing machine.
Point 07
Please check the size
We can guarantee mother & baby's deep sleeping with Gio Clavis's original mat! 



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  • Name : Ki-Chan Kim
  • Tel : 82-07070982298
  • Email : ceo@gioclavis.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 91-12, Sehwa-ro 151beon-gil,Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do,Korea (16619)
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www.giopillow.com Seller_Mail
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    Jin Young Kim
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    91-12, Sehwa-ro 151beon-gil,Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do,Korea (16619)
It is safe and comfortable to wear. Geoclabis Co., Ltd. is a company that can prevent young and infant's flathead syndrome in advance It has been reborn through the development of a safe and scientific "pillow" called "Geo pillow" and has been steadily loved by many parents in Korea. We, Geoclaves Co., Ltd., are constantly researching and developing for the comfort and safety of our children with our excellent research personnel and continuous R & D investment. In addition, the goal of all of our employees is to supply safe and more professional products that parents can use with confidence. I will always be a company devoted to my baby as a product that I will always use.
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    Gio Clavis's Gio Pillow
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    5~10 people


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