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SBH Mudsalt

Camping Master Pack

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    SBH Mudsalt
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    14*4*13 (290g)
Shinan County /Bigeumdo Island
Natural drying
100% bay salt
The taste and style of camping dishes
Camping day
Camping Master Pack
If you are a true camper, you should use different salt according to your camping foods such as barbecue, stew or skewered food, etc.
It is a product that is blended by drying or crushing natural materials such as herbs, peppercorn, black garlic, wine and wild strawberry without adding any artificial additives.
It is rich in minerals, and it is not only including healthy ingredients, but also has excellent taste and flavor.
Peppercorn salt
Red wine salt
Red wine salt
Red wine salt' is a premium bay-dried salt, 
which is made by drying the finest bay-dried salt,
and then filtering the medium-sized bay-dried salt after soaked 20% of California red wine.
A good dish to eat together
Steak, smoked duck, wine tortillas grilled, mushroom dishes, pork simmered, pork chops, steamed chicken, etc.

White wine salt
A fresh blend of bay-salt and white wine
It is premium salt, which is made by drying 100% highest grade bay-dried salt mixed with an undiluted white wine solution.
It adds refreshing and fresh white wine to make better taste and flavor of the food.
A good dish to eat together
Steamed clam wine, Aungolian pasta, mussels, shrimp, seafood,
Various sauce, fish dish, salmon steak, Tandoori dish, oyster dish

Herb salt
A perfect ensemble of taste with natural herbs
It is a premium bay-dried salt, 
which is mixed 100% highest grade bay-dried salt with basil, time and oregano.
Herb salt which harmonizes with natural herb makes perfect nature taste and flavor.
A good dish to eat together
Steak, pork belly, chicken, grilled fish, pasta, ribs,
Potatoes, salad, sauce, various cheese dishes, various Italian dishes

Black garlic salt
The taste of tradition that healthy black garlic gives
It is premium salt, which is made by drying 100% highest grade bay-dried saltmixed with an undiluted black garlic solution.
Healthy black garlic and bay dried salt harmonize well and help to improve taste the food.
A good dish to eat together
Samgyetang, black garlic sauce pork, salad, steak, various stew and soup, various side dishes

Wild strawberry salt
The beautiful combination of bay salt and wild strawberry
It is premium salt, which is made by drying 100% highest grade bay-dried saltmixed with an undiluted wild strawberry solution.
The sour flavor and beautiful color of healthy wild strawberry improves the taste of food.
A good dish to eat together
Steamed chicken, grilled fish, pork bulgogi, grilled eel, seaweed soup, abalone butter,
Fish, potatoes, various dishes

Peppercorn salt
A colorful feast of taste with peppercorn
It is premium salt, which is made by adding 100% bay salt with black garlic, onion and peppercorn.
The flavor and taste of peppercorn are combined to enhance the clean taste of the food and add rich flavor.
A good dish to eat together
Steak, ribs, bacon, salad, cream pasta,
Chicken oven roast, Fried rice, Tteokguk, Grilled fish, Aegean pasta

One of the world's five largest mud flats
Shinan Mud Flat bay salt
Shinan mud flat has the rich minerals.
It also belongs to the world's top five mud flats, 
and has less salty taste and sweetness.
Natural drying method
Mineral Preservation
It is produced directly from the first uninhabited frontier,
and preserves natural minerals rich in natural drying methods.
Three times more potassium than Gurand salt
Three times more potassium than Gurand salt will let us drain salt out of our body 
and soften the salty taste of the food.
Korean bay salt pioneer
Hae Kwang Son Bong-Hun
Shinan Mud Flat Bay salt
Premium bay salt component
Red wine salt: bay salt 84%, red wine concentrate 16%
White wine salt: bay salt 80%, white wine concentrate 20%
Herbs salt: bay salt 88%, herbs (Basil: 3% in Egypt, Time: 3% in Egypt, Oregano: 3% in Turkey) 1.5% of black garlic (domestic), 1% of Tonghukubu (Malaysian), 0.5% of onion (US)
Peppercorn salt : bay salt 88%, peppercorn (Malaysia) 10%, balck garlic (domestic) 1.5%, Onion (United States) 0.5%
Black galic salt : bay salt 95%, black garlic (domestic) 5%
Wild strawberry salt: bay salt 98%, Wild strawberry (domestic) 2%
seabeans salt: bay salt (95%), seabeans (Domestic) 5%
Tumeric salt: bay salt 97%, tumeric powder 3%


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Saltbio Co., Ltd.

Saltbio Co., Ltd.

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It is a company which is a descendant company that succeeds the maintenance of the sun gwang Son Bonghoon who developed the first solar photon flux in Korea. It is a manufacturer that produces premium solar photon flux by adding only natural materials to the solar photon flux collected from the non-gold platelets. It is a unique and elegant premium sun-salt product that combines color, taste, flavor and fragrance by blending or mixing good materials for sun-dried salt, which is taken from Shin-an Ungum-tidal salt and naturally dried. It is reminiscent of seven rainbow colors, and it is a pleasant material for eyes and mouth. It is blended in sun salt and it is rich in content, so it has excellent taste and flavor, and it brings up the elegance of the dish one step.
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