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3d mesh cushion

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Germany Lab Knitting Technique 3D Mesh
Germany 3D Mesh Technology
Uraon Domestic Manufacturing 3D Mesh cushion
World-class German 3D Mesh technology
Uraun Domestic Made 3D Mesh Mat & Sheet

Why 3D Mesh?
A new concept mat that is used throughout four seasons. Wrap Knitting developed in Germany!
3D Mesh is a three-dimensional structural new material made by weaving 100% polyester yarn.
3D Mesh Fabric is an open mesh structure that allows circulation of air smoothly and refreshing.

What is polyester?
Polyester has high tensile strength and high friction strength, so it has good durability and thermoplasticity.
Unlike ordinary fabrics, it is a three-dimensional structure, 
so light and fast air circulation provids coolness and freshness in the summer.

Breathability Excellent air permeability!
In the summer, the heat and moisture of the human body are quickly dispersed into the air,
In the winter, it keeps the warmth of the air between the cushions~
Strong durability
It makes tens of thousands of elastic yarns into three-dimensional nets, 
disperses the body pressure evenly throughout the body, 
and can be used semi-permanently with strong durability.
High durability and resilience make it easy to store and move and can be used semi-permanently.

Stereoscopic 3D mesh structure allows circulation of air, 
which does not require sweat in the summer, 
so it is comfortable to use even in winter. 
3D Mesh lowers the temperature by more than 3 degrees and the humidity more than 20%~
In the winter, it can be used as a cushion on the electric and stone bed, as well as being heated by the heat transfer.

Cool without electricity!
The 3D Mesh Mat is a honeycomb structure that allows free circulation of air.
Enjoy coolness without electricity in your car or at home!
Cool in summer, warm in winter
4 seasons use
Three-dimensional mesh structure of 3D Mesh smooth air circulation~
In the summer, the ventilation is cool.
In winter, it keeps the air inside the mat at a constant temperature, 
you can use it warmly~
Uraon 3D mesh mat available in four seasons!!
Unlike the normal air mesh, it has a high density, enhancing the supporting force and enhancing the cushioning feeling.
Rugged herry finish
With 3D Mesh Sheets & Mat, use it for a long time!
Uraon 3D Mesh Mat is sturdy and neatly-finished with a mat rim that is stronger than other products 
and keeps you feeling like a new product for a long time without distortion or breakage.

3D Mesh Sheets & mats have good cushioning.
Uraon 3D Mesh Mat is a resilient material with a good cushioning feel 
so you can sit comfortably for a long time without the inconvenience. (Mat can be pressed by weight.)

Washable 3D Mesh
Do not compare it with other companies!
Uraun 3D Mesh Fabric is a fiber cushioning material made of three-dimensional net with elastic filament yarn in vertical direction.
Uraon 3D Mesh Fabric is a fiber cushioning material made of three-dimensional net 
with elastic yarn in vertical direction.
It is woven in the form of a net, rather than a dense fabric woven into a thin thread like a normal fabric, to improve breathability.
Wash softly with lukewarm water.
Do not soak in water for a long time.
Please wash using a detergent (Colourant and bleches are prohibited)
Dry in a well-ventilated area.
Use of washing machine is not recommended.

Depending on the monitor, there may be slight differences between the actual colors.
It is a product with a cushion feeling, so the product may be pressed by weight.
Germany 3D Mesh Technology
Uraon Domestic Manufacturing 3D Mesh Sheet

"Easy attachment 
and detachment"
It is easy to install anywhere in the driver's seat, front seat, rear seat 
by hanging under the upper ring cushion and pushing the center clip into the seat.
Clean design
A clean black design that fits anywhere!
It is possible to use in four seasons including summer breathability and winter warmth.
(The frame colors will be sent in brown or black.)
High durability and warranty period 3 years!
3D Mesh's solid and soft structure, high durability without any inconvenience!
Uraon 3D Mesh provides a three-year warranty period, you can use it with confidence.
Pleasant driving
It has a net structure and is air-permeable. So it is comfortable.
Washing and drying quickly, such as removing dust by using water with the shower bath lightly


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