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Rechargeable Air Circulator

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    29*22*29 cm
It is a brand that manufactures and sells products 
that can be used more conveniently for all players enjoying outdoor activities.

Rechargeable air circulator
178mm3 short adjustable circulator / 5V USB I / O, smart charger with auxiliary battery function

Three-speed control / wind delivery to a long distance
Use the speed control buttons in step 3 to deliver the wind to every corner.
Strong fan speed of 1570 RPM
USB 5V / 2A Multi-Battery Function
It can be used as a large capacity auxiliary battery that can be used and recharged by connecting various USB products.
Rechargeable with MICRO 5PIN charger
In an external environment without an adapter, you can charge and use it on the go with a micro 5-pin charger or a portable auxiliary battery.
Rechargeable air circulator
Application for design registration
Design application number

Rechargeable air circulator
Circulator fan? Know the circulator properly
If you misidentify a circulator as a fan, we will tell you more about the circulator.
The circulator is a device to circulate air.
By circulating air, it is moved to a far place by a whirlwind air, which makes the temperature of the room air effectively uniform.

Spring and autumn
The air circulator should operate the air circulator in the windows, the front door, the veranda, and the kitchen.
The strong whirlwind winds make the fresh air quickly, so that the air of the room is comfortable.
The kitchen has a strong smell of food, strong inhalation and exhaust effect in places where ventilation is not good, and quickly ventilates odors and indoor air.
When used in a humid place, it circulates the humid air, so that it can prevent the condensation and moisture that are generated in advance due to the temperature difference in the room.

The air circulator should operate the air circulator with the air conditioner.
The powerful whirlwind from the circulation allows the cool air of the air conditioner to move to the corner as quickly as possible in a rectangular area where air-conditioner's cold can not be transmitted well.
By minimizing the temperature difference, it is possible to increase the cooling temperature of the air conditioner by 2 ~ 3 degrees, thus saving energy.

The air circulator should operate the air circulator with the heating device such as the heater fan.
The powerful whirlwind from the circulation can move the warmth of the heating device from the living room to the room as quickly as possible in the square area where the warmth of the heating self-government can not be transmitted well.
By minimizing the temperature difference, the set temperature of the heating device can be lowered by 2 ~ 3 degrees, thus saving energy.

Circulator battery charging and usage time
Let you know the most important usage time and charge time when using the circulator.
The LED charging indicator light flashes while the circulator is charging, and the green LED lights up when fully charged.
The GMI-R18B can be used while charging.

When using the adapter
It takes about 7 hours to fully charge the battery using a dedicated adapter.
For the usage time, 4.5 ~ 12 hours can be used.
Using a dedicated adapter, it takes about 9 hours to fully charge the battery.
For the usage time, 4.5 ~ 12 hours can be used.
Three-stage wind control is basic!
It can also be used as a secondary battery for outdoor activities.
Can be used while charging the product.
Three-stage airflow control is possible!
You can adjust the step using the MODE button.
Press the MODE button once and the green LED will light up.
Each time you press the MODE button in this state, the color and air flow level will change to 1 step (red LED), 2 step (green LED), 3 step (orange LED).
Also, if you press once again in step 3, the LED turns off and changes to standby mode.
Can be used with USB auxiliary battery
You can charge the built-in secondary battery to connect the USB cable and charge mobile products such as smart phone.
After connecting the product to be charged, press the MODE button to put it into the power standby state and charging will start.
When the power saving mode is applied and the operation indicator LED is turned off automatically, 
press the MODE button once to display the LED again.
Various Input/ Output connection interfaces
It can be charged with the included adapter and can be charged using MICRO 5 PIN cable.
It can be used from 4.5 hours to 12 hours.
Using the pan handle with convenient movement
When the fan handle is fully folded, it can be used as an arched moving handle that can be easily held with one hand when moving without a box or case.
You can carry it lightly without a bag.
Angle adjustment with pan handle and folding holder
You can adjust the angle of the wind using the fan handle and the folding holder attached to the end.
You can change the wind direction down to an angle of 0 degrees when the folding holder is fully extended.
Main body, Micro 5-pin cable, Adapter basic configuration
The basic configuration of the product itself consists of one main body, one micro 5 pin cable and one 220V AC adapter.
Micro 5 pin cable has USB <---> micro 5 pin on both ends, so it can use both input and output.

product name    Rechargeable fan
model name    GMI-R18B
Fan size    178mm
Adapter input    AC 100V~240V, 50
DC input    12V/1.5A
Battery capacity    11.1V/4400mA
Battery life    4.5~12hour
Conformity identification code    MSIP-REI-gm1-FT-702
Manufacturing year    May 2017
Country of manufacture    CHINA
Manufacturer    Shenzhen Brady Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd
Importer and salesperson    Gwang-myeong International Co., Ltd.


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